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United States Championship
"The Puerto Rican Wrestling Machine" Xavi Ferrera versus "The Canadian Wrestling Machine" David Stone (c)
Difficult pick. Stone has been booked ultra strong and could win to retain here, but Xavi's one of the few people who could beat him, plus Xavi's momentum will stall if he fails here. Maybe the torch is passed here and Stone moves on to bigger things.

Jaime Quine versus Brooke Tyler
Another hard pick. Brooke's been featured a lot, booked strong and her physical style fits CWL better than Quine's, plus CWL seems to have a thing for second generation talent

"Bulldozer" Brandon Smith versus Andrew Harper w/ Lisa Bowen
Smith has more upside by far, unless he's into hard decline

Keiths def. German Machine
Rejects def. Mission
Stones def. Boys from Yukon
Monteros def. Bison&Yano
Georgia Bulldogs def. Northern Lights
Fat Cats def. Southern Stars
Fallen def. Dingo&Boo
American Cobras def. KitoGuchi

Night Two
Rejects def. Keiths
Stones def. Monteros
Fat Cats def. Georgia Bulldogs
Fallen def. American Cobras

Stones def. Rejects
Fat Cats def. Fallen

Fat Cats def. Stones to win the whole damn thing

"The Hillbilly Hammer" Clyde Puder versus "The Blueblood" Paul Huntingdon
Clyde's on the rise and Paul in decline, the torch has to be passed here

North American Women's Championship
Foxxy LaRue versus Alicia Strong (c) w/ Lisa Bowen

"The Monster" Raymond Diaz versus Cameron Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen
Retirement Diaz
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