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Default The Oxford Invitational V, Night One

The Oxford Invitational V, Night One
Friday Week 4, March 2022
Live at the Lowe Ballroom [North West, USA]
Available on the Synergy Network & Southern States TV, Hawaii 50
In Attendance: 5,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: .53 [403,920 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Duke Hazard

MR: Hello and welcome to Night One of the Fifth Annual Oxford Invitational. This is the most prestigious Tag Team Tournament in North America -- if not the World. It is right up there with PGHW’s Elite Series Tag Tournament and North of the Border Pro Wrestling’s esteemed Ed Henson Memorial. Tonight, round one of the tournament will commence with sixteen teams competing across eight matches. The winners will move on to the second round tomorrow. Also tonight, in our main event, the United States Championship is on the line as Xavi Ferrera and David Stone, two proud men who are considered to be wrestling machines will go one on one for the hotly contested championship.

RDJ: Tonight is the night that Tag Teams make their legacies. Georgia Bulldogs. The Keith Brothers. The Devil’s Rejects. The Mission. The four previous winners of the tournament -- who are also competing tonight. All four of those teams have achieved major success. Georgia Bulldogs were the only team to successfully defend the North American Tag Team Championship in the tournament. The Keith Brothers won the COTT World’s Tag Team Titles in their tournament. All sixteen teams in this tournament are championship caliber teams. All sixteen teams in this tournament have won championships as teams -- there is not a team in this tournament that does not have some sort of success as a team.

DH: Can I say how upset I am that there is no team representing Bowen Services in the Oxford Invitational? We had room for Yano & Kikuchi from Japan -- who are freelancers -- and room to bring in The American Cobras, but we don’t have room for Bowen Services? This is a travesty -- and one that I have taken up with the Continental Wrestling League Board of Directors and management staff. I talked directly to Hailey Hunter about it.

MR: And what did she have to say?

DH: Well… She shut the door and said I’m not supposed to come to her home. But that’s besides the point.

Opening Match
Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

The Keith Brothers versus The German Machine

The German Machine are representing UEW in this tournament. The very experienced duo is multiple time European Tag Team Champions and are one of the most respected duos in European professional wrestling. The Keith Brothers are the reigning North American Tag Team Champions and both are very technically minded duos. At Gold Rush VI, Lars Brecher was very impressive in a singles match against “Bulldozer” Brandon Smith and returns to CWL with his longtime partner Ralph Grimm.

In a very technically minded match up, the two teams started the tournament off very nicely. The largest man in the match, Matthew Keith, was in the ring for the majority of the match and Grimm/Brecher went to work on him. They showcased some slick technical teamwork, double suplexes -- in particular a suplex where they each locked Matthew in a Greco-Roman Knuckle lock and brought him over. Matthew made the big tag to Greg. Greg as able to hit some deep arm drags and then a big single leg takedown on Ralph Grimm that he turned into a Porton Lock for the submission.

The Keith Brothers defeated The German Machine in 11:55 when Greg Keith defeated Ralph Grimm by submission with a Proton Lock.

Ralph Grimm was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

The Mission versus The Devil’s Rejects w/ February Malaise

Two teams that are not strangers to one another. Both teams are former COTT World Tag Team Champions and are a year and a half removed from an intense feud over those particular sets of World Tag Team Titles -- a feud that saw some spectacular matches with some great wrestling and four men who were willing to do whatever it takes to win. This match was no different. They came out of the gate showing that they were very familiar with one another. Both are former winners of the Oxford Invitational Tournament and they really went at it. It was a good back and forth tag team match from two teams that are very similar in size. Matty Faith is a heavyweight and Johnny Anderson are both heavyweights, while Ranger is a big heavyweight and Keith Holly is a super heavyweight. Ranger was stuck in the ring and looking for a tag to Matty Faith, but Faith had been pulled off the apron and hit with a Supreme Stunner -- all behind the official’s back and was laying on the outside. Ranger got hit with a Reaper Breaker and Keith Holly got the pin to secure The Devil’s Rejects an opportunity in the second round of the tournament.

The Devil's Rejects defeated The Mission in 12:42 when Keith Holly defeated Ranger by pinfall after a Reaper Breaker. During the match we also had Spencer Spade run in and attack Faith.


Ranger is laying on the mat, down in out. Matty Faith goes to stand up on the outside -- having ate a Supreme Stunner. Spade reaches into the pocket of his dress pants and withdraws a chain. He wraps it around his fist and he delivers a very stiff punch to the face. A second shot and Faith is down and out. Spade lets the chain unroll from his fist and stands above a downed Matthew Faith -- who now has a trickle of blood flowing from just above his nose.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

“Bulldozer” Brandon Smith versus Andrew Harper w/ Lisa Bowen

This was a very physical match between two big, powerful bruisers. Harper is the low man on the Bowen Services totem pole. Brandon Smith is one of those guys who is right on the cusp of big things. He could be United States Champion, he could br North American Champion, he could even be World Champion. Brandon and Andrew worked a very snug, physical, old-school brawler contest that ended when Brandon got the slightly-smaller-than-him Andrew Harper up and hit him with the Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd really reacted to seeing such a large man get piledrove.

Bulldozer Brandon Smith defeated Andrew Harper in 8:14 by pinfall with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

Los Monteros versus Yano & Kikuchi

This was a battle of two international teams. Los Monteros are one of the top teams in Mexico who recently reuinited with Luis Jr. rejoined OLLIE after several years working for EMLL. Gino is the reigning Campenato de Universal in OLLIE. Yano & Kikuchi are former PGHW standouts. Yano left PGHW and spent four years with BHOTWG before it closed, and Kikuchi ended up leaving PGHW because even though he is still in his early thirties, his body is rapidly breaking down from not only the physical style of Japan, but also two torn ACLs, a torn rotator cuff, and a torn bicep. Kikuchi is a shell of the promising athlete he once was, but reunited with his partner BISON Yano, he was able to conserve his body.

This was a real clash of styles with Los Monteros using the traditional lucha libre blend of technical wrestling and high flying and Yano & Kikuchi using the traditional Japanese strong style. Luis hit a beautiful dropkick, as good looking of a dropkick as exists in professional wrestling, that sent Kikuchi over the top rope and crashing to the floor. With him down, Gino was able to launch of the top rope and hit a beautiful Montero Press onto BISON Yano that allowed Los Monteros to get the three count and advance in the tournament.

Los Monteros defeated Yano & Kikuchi in 8:41 when Gino Montero defeated BISON Yano by pinfall with a Montero Press.

Gino Montero carried the match in terms of in-ring performance.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

Georgia Bulldogs versus The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights were the most dominant tag team in Scotland for quite some time, racking up multiple tag team titles before Tommy and Edward starting British Pro and they found themselves, while still in Scotland, with a gig on a much bigger platform (though probably almost as well funded). Both are products of the Ring of Fire dojo and despite being big, hulking physical specimen that throw hands with the best of ‘em, but also technically solid workers that possess the kind of fundamentals that one would expect from students of Robert Brown.

The Georgia Bulldogs were the winners of the first Oxford Invitational and former North American Tag Team Champions. McManus has clearly continued to fine-tune his body in the gym. The muscle mass he showed off at Wrestling Summit has toned out some, giving him a very impressive light heavyweight physique. The two teams had a good solid wrestling bout. KC was in the match for the bulk of the time and really flew around the ring for the bigger wrestlers, really making them look dangerous. The former World’s Junior Heavyweight Champion kept fighting back up and made a big diving tag to the former two-time World’s and North American Champion. The Cornerstone came in with offense for days. He dumped Vicious and hit Jordan with his trademark Slingshot Suplex to punch The Georgia Bulldogs ticket to the next round.

Georgia Bulldogs defeated The Northern Lights in 13:27 when Riley McManus defeated Riddick Jordan by pinfall with a Slingshot Suplex.

In terms of in-ring work, KC Glenn was head and shoulders above everyone else.

Grudge Match
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Jaime Quine versus Brooke Tyler

This was a match that has been building since Wrestling Summit last month when Brooke Tyler cost Jaime the World Womens Championship. This was a very physical contest between the two women. Tyler hit a series of rolling suplexes that were textbook. Tyler went for a big lariat but Jaime got her arms up to block it. On the rebound from the block, Jaime caught Brooke with a huge K.O. Kick.

Jaime Quine defeated Brooke Tyler in 15:04 by pinfall with a K.O. Kick.


DS: Tonight, Xavi Ferrera becomes the latest man to challenge me for the United States Championship. A title that I hold and defend with pride. A title that I believe in. Xavi Ferrera is an incredible athlete. A world-class athlete. There are things he can do that defy logic and reason. He’s the real deal. He could become United States Champion at any time -- but that time will not be tonight. I mean no disrespect at all, but I’m walking in as United States Champion and I plan on leaving as United States champion.
Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

Dingo & Boo versus The Fallen w/ Father Grim

Australia Pro Wrestling’s own, Dingo & Boo drew the unfortunate matchup of The Fallen. It was not a pretty match at all -- not for the two Australians. Scythe and Hellion were vicious. They were highly motivated and showed just how dangerous they can be when they are as motivated as they were in this contest. Hellion hit an apron powerbomb on Dingo that left him down and out while Scythe hit a vicious Underworld Spike on Boo and that got The Fallen their ticket to the second round.

The Fallen defeated Dingo & Boo in 7:57 when Scythe defeated Boo Smithson by pinfall with an Underworld Spike.

Dingo Devine was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

The Flying Stones versus The Boys From The Yukon

The legendary Canadian family against two more Canadians. A physical matchup, Whitehorse and Mort took it to their fellow Canadians, but the Stones kept fighting back. Edd in particular was incredibly good in this match and is in his prime as a competitor. Edd hit the Party’s Over on Whitehorse and The Flying Stones are going to the second round.

The Flying Stones defeated The Boys From The Yukon in 13:31 when Edd Stone defeated Whitehorse Whittaker by pinfall with a Party's Over.

In terms of in-ring work, Edd Stone was head and shoulders above everyone else. Duane Stone was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

KitoGuchi versus The American Cobras

A match that was a textbook example of Japanese strong style wrestling between the heavily Puroesu-influenced American Cobras -- who were coming into this match with an incredible meanstreak -- and the PGHW-loyalists KitoGuchi. The two teams went at it with incredibly hard hitting strikes. Kicks, punches, and even headbuts. There was not a moment of rest in this match. Marvel Malloy went for a big Springboard moonsault -- and while he was turned upside down, Bussho Makiguchi hit him in the jaw with a Blazing Elbow.

KitoGuchi defeated The American Cobras in 11:25 when Bussho Makiguchi defeated Marvel Malloy by pinfall with a Blazing Elbow.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Opening Round

The Southern Stars versus The Fat Cats

The former NYCW Empire Tag Team Champions, The Southern Stars, had their handsful with former World’s Tag Team Champions, The Fat Cats. This was also a contrast in ideologies. The hardworking and fun loving Southerners -- who like to drink, play music, and flirt with girls wouldn’t know a schooner from a yacht. The Fat Cat own at least two of each and have never drank moonshine or anything out of a mason jar.

This was a solid match, a classic Southern tag team style wrestling match. The Fat Cats tried to keep Tennessee William from making the tag to his big, hard hitting partner, and William kept trying to find openings to keep himself from taking too much of a beating. It wasn’t much help though, as The Fat Cats kept making sure Animal could not get the tag. They were able to hit Tennessee William with the Capital Gains and Carl DiBiase got the pin and the victory for his team.

The Fat Cats defeated The Southern Stars in 12:54 when Carl DiBiase defeated Tennessee William by pinfall with a Capital Gains.

Monty Trescarde carried the match in terms of in-ring performance.


]XF: “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em… And some, some are born great, achieve even greater things and then have legendary status thrust upon them. I was born great. The genetics to be greatness -- and I used those genetics and my birthright to achieve greatness. An NCAA Track and Field Hall of Famer. And tonight… Tonight legendary status, immortality, will be thrust upon me when I enter the record books as the man who ended David Stone’s United States title run. When I become the United States Champion tonight, I will live forever in the history books. It’s time to make history.”
Main Event
Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

“The Puerto Rican Wrestling Machine” Xavi Ferrera versus “The Canadian Wrestling Machine” David Stone ©

The main event had the big fight feel of two high-level combatants competing for a major championship. Ferrera and Stone went at each other, each man trying to win -- the ultimate name of the game. They are both considered to be wrestling machines of their native land. Ferrera has more experience as a professional, but David Stone has the business in his blood. The first third generation of the legendary Stone family, he has lived up to the legacy so far.

They went back and forth in an excellent contest. Several times, Xavi showed the athleticism that made him the standout wrestler for PSW (well him and Logan Diaz). Stone showed the technical wrestling that has made every member of his family a champion and a major attraction in the sport. Several times David went for his German Suplex that has won him many matches, but each time Xavi got out of it. Xavi went for several big neckbreakers that were unable to find the mark. Eventually, David was able to get Xavi down and lock in the Stone Ankle Stretch for the victory.

David Stone defeated Xavi Ferrera in 23:43 by submission with a Stone Ankle Stretch. David Stone makes defence number 7 of his CWL United States title.


Author's Note: So here is Night One! First, I want to give a special thanks to southside_hitmen who encouraged me to try out this format. You'll notice, it looks very similar to his. It's the same base code with some obvious changes (images, background, etc.). Thank you to him for providing the base code and being so encouraging. Another thank you goes to my wonderful wife [who is not, at least to my knowledge, a member of the GDS forums. She is the one who actually deciphered the code, helped me change the colors to fit and made the header, footer, and side graphics that were used here. I wanted to update the look of the shows and provide something different while still retaining some of the feel [that's why the matches are all in the same kind of box and the angles are in the quotes now, to help differentiate them but not do the separate backgrounds for each segment like SSHM does). Night Two will probably be up in a day or so. I still have to do the summaries for it -- and it will depend on how my arm is doing for the speed/duration in which I write. Thanks!
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