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Default Oxford Invitational V, Night Two

Night Two
Saturday Week 4, April 2022
Live at the Lowe Ballroom [North West, USA]
Available on the Synergy Network & Southern States TV, Hawaii 50
In Attendance: 5,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: .52 [390,550 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Duke Hazard

MR: Hello and welcome to the second night of the fifth annual Oxford Invitational. Once again we are live at the historic Lowe Ballroom and I am joined in the broadcast booth by my broadcast partners, the legendary Ricky Dale Johnson and the Marshall, Duke Hazard! Tonight, we will find out who will raise the Oxford Invitational trophies above their head, plus Alicia Strong defends the North American Women’s Championship against Foxxy LaRue, Cameron Vessey and Raymond Diaz go one on one, and “The Hillbilly Hammer” Clye Puder goes one on one with “The Blueblood” Paul Huntingdon.

RDJ: It should be a great night of professional wrestling action, Michael. We have a sold out crowd of five thousand people here in the ballroom. Eight teams remain in the tournament and for one of those teams tonight will be a great night.

DH: Plus Paul Huntingdon will put down that smelly, no good hillbilly Clyde Puder.

Opening Match
Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Quarter Finals

The Keith Brothers versus The Devil’s Rejects w/ February Malaise

A great way to start off Night Two off the event. The Keith Brothers and the Rejects showed excellent tag team chemistry. Another tale of the solid technical wrestling of the Keiths against two big bruising men. The crowd was on their feet as the four men really took it to each other -- Keith Holly continued to show himself as perhaps the stand out wrestler to ever graduate from the Rocky Mountain School of Wrestling. He hit a running Senton on Matthew Keith that looked like it crushed his ribs. Matthew tagged in Greg and while Greg was trying to fight off the Rejects, Gangsta Nation’s Sayeed Ali hit Matthew Keith on the apron. Greg Keith ate a Reaper Breaker from Keith Holly.

The Devil's Rejects defeated The Keith Brothers in 12:52 when Keith Holly defeated Greg Keith by pinfall with a Reaper Breaker following interference from Sayeed Ali.


The Rejects roll out of the ring and Hustle Muvva joins Sayeed Ali ringside. The two men begin to brutalize the Keith Brothers. Sayeed looks under the ring and pulls out a tool box (in CWL, there aren’t weapons just lying around). He withdraws a wrench used for tightening the turnbuckles to make sure the ropes are tight. He pulls Matthew Keith up and drives the wrench into his windpipe. The crowd lets out an audible gasp as Matthew clutches at his throat. At the same time, Muvva hits a piledriver on Greg Keith. Backstage personnel hit the ring to pull Gangsta Nation off of the Keith Brothers.
Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Quarter Finals

The Georgia Bulldogs versus The Fat Cats

In a first-time match up, The Georgia Bulldogs and the Fat Cats had a sensational wrestling affair that was only hampered by the fact that Carl DiBiase sprained his ankle early into the match and so he was a little hobbled and it hurt his performance. The two teams really went at it with KC and Riley showing that fluid teamwork. Riley the powerful technician with strong suplexes, KC the Junior Heavyweight who can literally do everything he needs to do in a wrestling ring. At one point, Riley had Monty stretched over a knee and KC springboarded into the ring to drive his own knee into Monty’s face.

Riley and Carl were in the ring, Carl going for a sleeper hold that Riley reversed and pushed away. Carl came back and ate a quick headbut that set up Riley’s pattened Slingshot Suplex and punch their ticket to the next round.

Georgia Bulldogs defeated The Fat Cats in 13:32 when Riley McManus defeated Carl DiBiase by pinfall with a Slingshot Suplex.

Carl DiBiase was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Singles Match
Twenty Five Minute Time Limit

“The Monster” Raymond Diaz versus Cameron Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen

In another first time match up, the legendary big man Raymond Diaz and Cameron Vessey. There is a legacy here. Raymond has battled both Cameron’s father and his uncle in singles and tag team matches. When the Vessey Brothers were employed by PGHW, they had wars with Raymond Diaz. Wars that all three men, and Lee Wright (Raymond’s long time tag team partner) are paying for to this day. This was a good match up with the bigger Raymond Diaz working over the smaller Cameron Vessey -- who played the role of the coward exceptionally well.

Raymond tossed Cameron around -- and Cameron flew for The Monster. Diaz closed in on Cameron , but Vessey kicked him in the knee, raked his eye, and generally did anything he could to stop the onslaught. Vessey managed to get the big man up and hit the Vessey Driver II and got the surprise victory over the legendary wrestler and one third of the World’s Six Man Champions.

Cameron Vessey defeated Raymond Diaz in 10:47 by pinfall with a Vessey Driver II.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Quarter Finals

KitoGuchi versus The Fallen w/ Father Grim

The PGHW standout team had their hands full with the monster duo of Scythe and Hellion. Scythe looked particularly motivated in this contest. Both Bussho and Chojiro took beatings from the monsters. They sold for Scythe and Hellion like they would have sold for Dread in his heyday (not that they ever wrestled the TITAN himself). Hellion hit an apron powerbomb on the apron on Bussho to take him out while Scythe hit his devastating Underworld Spike on Chojiro.

The Fallen defeated KitoGuchi in 13:49 when Scythe defeated Chojiro Kitoaji by pinfall with an Underworld Spike.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Quarter Finals

Los Monteros versus The Flying Stones

In a match of legacies between Mexico’s most famous wrestling family and Canada’s most famous wrestling family (that’s right, Stones > DeColts), the fans were extra excited. Edd and Duane are both known for being incredible junior heavyweights -- with Duane having extensive experience in Japan. This was a match of technical wrestling and high flying with both teams wrestling not only to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament, but also for family pride.

Gino hit a beautiful Montero Press on Duane Stone -- but unfortunately Edd had just become the legal man. Edd hit a running kick that looked like it took the top row of teeth out of Gino’s mouth. Gino made the tag to Luis Jr., but Luis Jr. got hit with the Party’s Over and Edd Stone got the victory and the advancement.

The Flying Stones defeated Los Monteros in 15:25 when Edd Stone defeated Luis Montero Jr by pinfall with a Party's Over.

In terms of in-ring work, Gino Montero was head and shoulders above everyone else. Duane Stone was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Foxxy LaRue versus Alicia Strong w/ Lisa Bowen

In another very good Women’s Title match, in a string of good matches from Alicia Strong, Foxxy and Alicia continued to show the world that women’s wrestling can be as good as men’s wrestling with a thrilling contest. Foxxy got several big moves off, but could not put Alicia away. Alicia did manage to hit a vicious Strong Arm Tactic.

Alicia Strong defeated Foxxy LaRue in 11:38 by pinfall with a Strong Arm Tactic. Alicia Strong makes defence number 5 of her CWL North American Women's title.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Semi Finals

The Georgia Bulldogs versus The Fallen w/ Father Grim

The first of our semi final matches. The original winners of the Oxford Invitational were squared off against the team that has been the most physically dominant in the tournament so far. This was an excellent match. Riley McManus showed the classic Southern babyface fire that would have made Shane Sneer a very happy man had he been able to have Riley turning his SCCW run.

KC hit several big springboard moves, including a springboard blockbuster onto Hellion that looked picture-perfect. Scythe and Hellion hit several big power moves. Hellion hit a spinebuster on KC Glenn -- that countered a springboard attempt and looked like it should have broken the ring. Riley McManus went for a Slingshot Suplex on Scythe, but Scythe blocked the lift and hit a huge Underworld Spike on Riley that was probably as vicious of one as Scythe had ever delivered.

The Fallen defeated Georgia Bulldogs in 11:32 when Scythe defeated Riley McManus by pinfall with an Underworld Spike.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Oxford Invitational Tournament Semi Finals

The Flying Stones versus The Devil’s Rejects w/ February Malaise

Another good tag team bout and another classic old school tag team match. The Devil’s Rejects worked the big bruising heel role, keeping the older Stone brother in the ring unable to tag his little brother Edd. Duane took a beating, but it was obvious that despite at one point being an exciting athlete and a certified future Hall of Immortals inductee -- he is not the wrestler he once was. The injuries he has sustained over his career have really taken a toll, but the Rejects took advantage of that and told that story.

Duane hit an enzugari and made a diving tag to his brother. Edd came in with a fire he did not get to show as a heel in TCW. Exciting babyface fire and both Rejects bumped big for him. They got off their feet for the significantly smaller man. Edd hit Keith Holly with a Party’s Over and made the cover.

The Flying Stones defeated The Devil's Rejects in 12:24 when Edd Stone defeated Keith Holly by pinfall with a Party's Over.

Duane Stone was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.


CP: “Y’know, my whole life rich Yankees have tried to take from me and mine. When I was a tad, Carpetbaggers came on down to my Daddy’s farm and tried to force him off land that our kin had settled a hundred years earlier. Paul Huntingdon is just another carpetbagger who wants to take from the people. He thinks that ‘cause he has a little bit of money in the bank and a fancy watch on his wrist and drives a fancy car that he’s better than people who work for a livin’. But Paul, my whole family works for a livin’. Ain’t nothin’ in this world free or easy. And I don’t care how much money you got, it ain’t gonna save you from the whoopin’ you’re about to get.”

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

“The Hillbilly Hammer” Clyde Puder versus “The Blueblood” Paul Huntingdon

Clyde Puder and Paul Huntingdon told a story as old as time. One rich, one blue collar. One big city, one country. It was physical. Paul choked, he pulled hair, he got Ray Johnson out of position and hit a low blow on Clyde Puder. Puder didn’t go over from the low blow though. It just made him angrier. Like a big angry bull. Clyde hit a Patriot Powerslam and the crowd got very excited.

Clyde Puder defeated Paul Huntingdon in 15:39 by pinfall with a Patriot Powerslam.

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

The Flying Stones versus The Fallen w/ Father Grim

The announcers told the story going into this match. Duane Stone is in the twilight of his career. A man trying to achieve one last milestone. Something he can hang his hat on. The Fallen were big, mean, and pissed off and they worked like it. It was a hard match. Both teams were now wrestling their fourth match in two days and their third of the night. Edd started the match, but Duane took the brunt of the punishment. Hellion hit Edd with a powerbomb on the apron -- the third powerbomb he had delivered on an apron over the course of the tournament. Duane took the fourth Underworld Spike of the tournament -- and this might have been the best bump Duane has ever taken in his career. Whatever he had left his tank, he gave into this bump. Scythe made the cover and The Fallen win the fifth Oxford Invitational.

The Fallen defeated The Flying Stones in 16:22 when Scythe defeated Duane Stone by pinfall with an Underworld Spike. Scythe and Hellion win the Robert Oxford Invitational titles.

Duane Stone was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.


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