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Default SNSM Ep 47

Available on the Synergy Network, Southern States TV, & Hawaii 50
Week 4, April 2022.
Filmed at: The Oxford Arena [North West, USA]
In Attendance: 3,000
Rating: .40 [304,500 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Duke Hazard

MR: Hello and welcome to another exciting and thrill packed edition of Saturday Night Slammasters. We are coming to you from The Oxford Arena in Denver, Colorado. Last night, the first night of the Oxford Invitational aired and we’re right on the heels of the closing of the tournament. We don’t want to spoil anything because right after we go off the air, BOTH nights of the tournament will air back to back so you can watch the whole thing in one sitting. Make sure you join us next week and find out exactly what happened at the fifth annual Oxford Invitational.

RDJ: But tonight, Michael and Duke, Each member of the New Wave is in singles action. Jeffery Aroma and Fro Sure go toe to toe in our main event. It’s going to be a great night of professional wrestling.

DH: You’re absolutely right and I can’t wait!

Opening Match
Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

Guide versus Giant Brody

In a poor match, Giant Brody defeated Guide in 13:11 by pinfall with a Single Handed Choke Slam.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

Scout versus Clinton Westybrook

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Clinton Westybrook defeated Scout in 10:36 by pinfall with a Strong Slam.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

Chill versus “The Rampage” Deever Arnold

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Chill defeated Deever Arnold in 9:29 by pinfall with a Snow Storm.


Jeffery Aroma cuts a promo hyping up his upcoming match with Fro Sure.
Main Event
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Fro Sure versus “The Headhunter” Jeffery Aroma w/ Lisa Bowen
In a decent match, Jeffery Aroma defeated Fro Sure in 13:29 by pinfall with a Complex Choke Slam.


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