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Originally Posted by Makkaveli101 View Post
Really looking forward to TEW2020, been playing for almost twenty years now (since the Extreme Warfare days!!).

Two things I've always wanted to see in this game:

More in depth-win loss records and stats on the worker's profile screen, i.e. how many times they've won/lost by pinfall, countout, submission, disqualification, drawn, form (winning or losing streaks?).

Or if not on the wrestlers profile screen as a part of the roster overview screen? With the ability to sort/rank by row.

I don't like much about the WWE2K games but I do like the ranking screen with the ability to be able to move up or down workers.

I realise work on the game is already well underway - but would this be easy enough to add in?
For the second part the Perception level that has replaced pushes will replicate this for the most part. As it is down to how well you push a character and their momentum within the company, not just purely where you assign them. So wrestlers will move up and down the list fluidly based on their performances and how you sustain their pushes.
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