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Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post
I added this to the suggestion thread, but long story short, the ability to use The Network to track viewing habits and/or using tape libraries to release "Best Of...." DVDs to track which unsigned veteran fans are reacting to for possible nostalgia runs.

You want to bring in Jim Duggan for a 6 month run, you can release a Jim Duggan DVD and pick which matches to include to build up his popularity before bringing him in, so he has high momentum when he debuts.

Or, tracking Network viewing habits to see that fans seemingly are watching a ton of Rick Martel matches, so you could bring him in for a few appearances because you know your fans will react favorably to him, whereas fans really aren't watching any Paul Roma matches, so you know it's a bigger risk bringing him in.
I feel like this is unnecessary muddle or excessive, as if you control a network you don't really control your network as it is. Yes it would add depth and be cool, but isn't necessary. It would be nice to be able to have a mechanic for a network to say push a particular character. So someone in your company gains passive pop upto a certain limit based on your network size, but like "creating dvds" or "seeing viewership of everyone's network matches". Including those who have left, and management of tape libraries would be far more tedious than enjoyable.

But yeah a simple mechanic to push a particular wrestler on the network resulting in a slight Popilarity bump each month would be nice, and if you were a Booker or in a child company the AI doing it would be cool.
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