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Originally Posted by Remianen View Post
Yeah, no. Her star quality is the pits (64%) and C+ really isn't good enough to get the kind of output T-Rex typically gets. She does come closest though (her, Deborah Young, Gorgon, Juliette King, and I think Kaori Mochizuki). I should've gone all the way when I made the mod. When I made Dynamite Shohei, I stopped at 82 menace (mainly because I overshot 80 from 78.2 and wound up on 81.8 so just ticked it to 82) when I could've maxed it out. But Dynamite actually has skills (think of a female Mike Awesome or Vader or a young Monster Ripper/Aja Kong/Dynamite Kansai). I figured giving her 90+ menace (on top of her in-ring skills) would be creating a god character.

I think I'll just duplicate T-Rex and change things around a bit (name, gender, etc) and go with that.
As of 2023 she has A popularity through the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan... Star quality is not the be all and end all of creating a star. I enjoy booking workers who aren't extremely talented because I think that's the real challenge within TEW. Booking great matches with sub-par talent.
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