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Originally Posted by Jeff-Davis View Post
Okay so I would have HBK vs. JBL in a angle with the person who I want popularity to increase as unrated? Would it also work for 2 or 3 people Unrated. And run for at least 10 minutes right?
Well for angles, that depends. It probably should be at least 6 minutes long. Any less, and it's a waste (unless it's an opener or enhancement talent in the angle, but in that case, I use it as a Minor instead of a Major Angle). As for rating which state (or leaving it unrated), that's up to you. If they are in the background, not saying anything, not in a major role for the angle (even if the angle is major), leaving them Unrated, to me, is justifiable. However, if it's for someone like the Big Show before his Entertainment Skills got good, use Menace. Or for women that have yet to get a handle on the mic, like early Trish Stratus, use Sex Appeal. However, for workers that have good Entertainment/Microphone/Acting skills, use that stat. As for Overness, I tend to try to avoid abusing it (that's just me, though).

OH, have them part of strong storylines, strong stables, maybe even good tag team can help indirectly.
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