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Originally Posted by ampulator View Post
There's been cases where workers are unrated. I think Chyna would be considered unrated much of her early career as a bodyguard for Triple H. Basically, she piggybacked on his popularity and the popularity of DX.
Originally Posted by Bigpapa42 View Post
Eh, yes and no with Chyna. Her combination of looks and build are what made her work. If you take away the fact that she looked very intimidating for a woman, her "enforcer" aspect doesn't work at all. If all she did was stand in the background, rathan than actively interferring for Trips and HBK, then maybe you could say Unrated. But there was definitelyi more to it after the first bit.
Well in cases like that part of it is that managers are inexplicably never given overness for being in front of a crowd, which is bizarre, since the announcers and refs are getting over, but not the manager.

But yeah there's a reason Chyna got over and you couldn't have just replaced her with anyone and gotten identical results. But there's no reason you can't put a worker in a "support" role based on menace, sex appeal, acting, whatever, and actually have it organically effect the performance of the angle you're running.

But I mean barring a company like WWE/SWF that runs video packages and lets people talk for 10 minutes at a clip, you're not supposed to just spontaneously have everyone in wrestling get more over. Some guys go up while others go down. It's the nature of the business. Feuding midcarders or lower with other midcarders or lower isn't going to get anybody more over. Losing against a top card guy is more impressive than beating a jobber.
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