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Originally Posted by LoganRodzen View Post
As of 2023 she has A popularity through the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan... Star quality is not the be all and end all of creating a star. I enjoy booking workers who aren't extremely talented because I think that's the real challenge within TEW. Booking great matches with sub-par talent.
er, I thought the initial question was creating a female clone of T-Rex. If I'm looking to clone someone with 92 star quality and 100 menace, I'm probably not going to declare success when I find someone with 64 star quality and menace. And as for booking workers who aren't extremely talented, hi, I book exclusively women. Show me the Sean McFly/Jeremy/Dan Jr/Yoshimi/Shuji/Emerald Angel/Magnum Kobe/Cornell/Hyobanshi/Kunomasu on the female side. However, even with that inferior (relatively speaking) talent pool, being a fan of workrate, I have certain things I just can't stand to do. One of which is putting my eggs in the basket of a worker who cannot deliver in the ring. Using a worker to get other people over is fine (which was the purpose the female T-Rex would serve) but I don't see anything particularly satisfying about propping up a Rocky Golden type (which is what Monster essentially is. Big girl, intimidating, but blows up from circling her opponent in the ring and needs significant work before I'll allow her to work with anyone I care about). I prefer to use the skilled worker to spread their skill around while not sacrificing my promotion's growth rate. So the whole 'sports entertainment'/'popularity is all that matters' approach doesn't suit me.

Yes, I know that star quality isn't the end all. It's something I'm used to since most women don't have lots of it. But if I'm looking to duplicate a worker with off the charts menace and star quality, 64% is "the pits" in comparison to the target I'm trying to reach. That's not to say Monster 'sucks' or anything of the sort. She's perfectly serviceable (though she'll probably never get through an Iron Man match). She just doesn't fit.
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