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Default Building Jim Heatly

As I stated in the opening post, I tend to focus more on the game, so I thought it might be a good idea to go through my process as I created the most important part of a Road to Glory challenge, the user character. Throughout this post you will see quotes. These quotes are from the instructions in the official thread. For those of you who aren't interested in the process just want to see the stats, I've added a summary at the bottom.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post

Age: 18 (If playing the default Cornellverse your birthday should fall between January 1997 and December 1997)
Reputation: Lowest
Potential: Excellent (you can set this to random if you wish)
Popularity: 0 Everywhere
Fluent: Home area language ONLY
This is part is really straight forward. Your birth month really shouldn't matter all that much, but if you want to get the most of your character, just pick the latest month you can (e.g. if the mod starts on January 2016, then you'd set your birthday for December 1997). For Jim, I just used my own birthday month of July. Gaining a couple of more months of youth just isn't that important to me.

What was important to me was setting the potential to excellent. While I could see others enjoying the challenge of not knowing just how good the character will become, that's just not the game I want to play right now.

Note: The reputation stat that is being mentioned here is booking reputation and is a dropdown on the character select screen.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post
Skills: Your character starts with Resilience 100, Reputation 50 and Respect 0.

You have 750 Points to spend on other skills. (No skill may exceed 75 to begin with)
Ok, so this step is a big one and probably is the reason that some people decided not to try this challenge at all. The most important things to remember going into this are that not all stats increase at the same rate and that the stats increase due to a combination of use, a character's rating in certain other stats, and the character's max potential and. So, ideally you want to put the most stats into the ones that help govern other stats and/or increase slowly (or not at all).

Due to their importance and their relatively slow growth, I would stick 75 points in athleticism, star quality, and charisma for any character. Athleticism is important because, as far as I know, it helps govern either the stat cap and/or stat growth of all of the other stats that are physical in nature (top two rows). Star Quality is important because one of these days your character is going to be in the main event of a national promotion and SQ plays a key part in formula that the game uses in national battles. I also think it might govern the cap for overness and merchandise sales, but don't quote me on that. Finally, charisma is just a fantastic stat all around. While being used in both in and out of the ring, one of the more immediate benefits of a super high charisma score is being able to "unlock" the domination road agent note for your matches.

Moving on from what I consider the key stats, let's take a look at the stats that have slow to no movement, starting with consistency, toughness, and selling. All are decently important in getting that A* match rating (or in the case of toughness, keeps you healthy enough to have that match), so for right now, let's drop 75 points into these as well.

The final three slow/no-grow stats left to assign points to are menace, sex appeal, and power. Sex appeal was traditionally a female stat in the past, but is now a helpful stat for male workers as well, counting towards entertainment based angles. For the moment I'm going to drop 75 points into this stat (stupid sexy Heatly) with the understanding that it's going to one of the first stats that I will re-adjust when I run out of points to spend. As far as menace and power, I'm still not really sure how much it helps during matches, but just in case let's add 35 points to each.

Why 35? It's probably not the best reason, but 35 is the rating an owner will demand in their goals for a local promotion. As the user character, you will never get in trouble for your stats not being up to the owner's expectations, but at the same time 35 seems like a decent floor for a future superstarís stats.

With all of the slow-to-no moving stats out of the way, we are at almost at 600 points with a bunch of stats to go. Let's go and look at stats that are left group by group, starting with the in-ring stats.

Point allocation with the in-ring stats is really a choice of personal preference since these are the stats that dictate the type of wrestler your user character will be. That said, I would recommend focusing on one to three stats total as these stats tend to level up slow, even with the growth bonuses coming from your potential (and potentially high athleticism). For me, I decided to give Jim 75 points in brawling, leaving the rest at 0.

This is clearly a situational decision, but my logic is as follows: brawling is a single stat as opposed to the three mat skills and two flying skills. Because of this, I can get the best bang for my buck as max it out at 75. Not only will Jim be putting on better matches with brawlers in both the short and long term, but he will also be able to be an in-ring trainer of sorts for the brawling stat (wrestlers tend to improve the stats of the people they wrestle, especially when their opponent's stat is higher).

Next up are the leftover performance skills: basics, psychology, safety, and stamina, all of which rise at a good clip. I'll drop 35 points into each one to keep Jim from being truly awful in any of those areas at the start of the game. The same thing goes for the leftover out-of-the-ring skills, microphone and acting. Totaling up everything and we get to 880 points. Honestly, that's better than what I thought was going to happen.

Let's make some cuts.

The first cut is sex appeal. I'll drop it to 50, saving me 25 points (so, kind of sort of sexy Heatly?). Next, I'll drop microphone and acting to 20 since Jimís high charisma should be enough to carry his angles in the short term (and those angles will train up his microphone and acting skills). Finally, looking at the workers in the T-Verse database, I am pretty comfortable dropping toughness down from 75 to 50. This brings Jim down to 800 points, just 50 points left.

I don't want to really drop the brawling stat, so the rest has to come from the performance skills. I guess I'll nudge basics and psychology to 20 as they will rise at a quick pace. I'd lower safety too, however I'm kind of concerned about injuring another worker before Jim's safety stat gets to a more acceptable rating. Since I donít want to cut safety, the final cuts will be bringing consistency down to 60, and selling down to 70.

And there you have it. Short term, Jim Heatly is going to be a bit of a liability, however thanks to his high brawling stat, his matches won't be a complete waste of time (nor will his promos thanks to his charisma). However, in the long term I think that he'll become a fantastic brawler/entertainer type of worker who should be able to net me that A* match without too much trouble. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Originally Posted by Bad Collin View Post

Performance Skills
Babyface/Heel - 100 Points to spend
Cool/Cocky/etc - 300 Points to spend
This is the final step in the creation process. The biggest thing to know going into this part of the process is that while the babyface and heel skills can increase, the gimmick ratings do not. For Jim, I wanted to make sure that he could play a variety of different roles since I'll be stuck with him for the entire game.

To that end, I ended up giving Jim 50 points in each of the alignment roles and hope that he will be able to grow into mastering at least one of the alignments. As far the gimmicks skills go, I decided split my 300 points evenly across four types (75 each). With Jim's high levels of charisma and athleticism, the legitimate gimmick type is an easy choice to make as he should get a big bonus when using the domination road agent note. I also picked cocky and wholesome as they cover a lot of different heel and babyface gimmicks respectively. The final choice came down to weasel and cool. In the end, I don't think Jim is cool enough to be cool. Plus I somehow weaseled James Heatly into the T-Verse as a user character, so it fits from that perspective too.

Note: I don't know why the image that the game uses doesn't always match the actual stats of the character.
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