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Default Our owner, Adam Sullivan

It took couple of more days than I thought, but the game finally gave me an owner in Adam Sullivan. This is what the game has to say about Adam:


Heavyweight brawler Adam Sullivan has been one of wrestling's hardest hitters since the early 1990s, having initially made a name for himself in RAWA just before the company's closure. After being told that he was too stiff to work in the WWWE, Sullivan opened up his own promotion, the Florida Championship Wrestling Alliance, in his home town of Tallahassee. The company did well for four and a half years before being bought out by the WWWE in late 1999. It turned out that Paige didn't actually want the company at all, but the buy-out was merely punishment for a number of anti-WWWE angles that the company was running (quite frequently) on local TV.

Following the closure of the FCWA Sullivan worked for the AWC across their territories, holding the AWC American Heavyweight Title for over two years between 2000 and 2002. After the AWC closed he worked for a number of indy companies across the US until he was hired to act as booker for nostalgia promotion GAW between 2013 and 2015.

My initial reaction?

I mean from a kayfabe standpoint, Adam is a very appropriate. He has a lot of experience in a couple of business roles in the past and seems to be someone that would potentially be an owner at this stage in their lives. He's just not that exciting of a choice.

Take for example his wrestling skill. While he's more than passable in the in-ring, nothing he does, sans his basics skill of 77, truly stands out. At the age of 43, he's appeared on the "time's decline" list, so it looks like he's not going to get better anytime soon. This wouldn't be too bad if he also wasn't really the best choice to be a back stage employee. He's a good enough road agent at this point in time, but will most likely be outclassed by some of the wrestlers we bring in during the first year, much less the potential road agent and wrestlers we could sign once we are larger. His D range mic skills aren't doing him any favors either. It's good enough not to tank an entertainment base angle, but once again isn't good enough to be the reason I would want to use him.

The biggest disappointment for me right now has to be his overall popularity, or lack there of. T-Verse veterans, might be wondering what my complaint is as this is usually one of Sullivan's positives. And that's true, in the United States. Adam Sullivan is fairly over in his home country with his popularity ranging in the 30s. However, this time around I'm not playing in the Great Lakes region. NEO Championship Wrestling will be coming from the cozy province of Saskatchewan, where Adam Sullivan starts with a popularity of 6.

I guess it could be worse. For all of Adam's limitations, at least he's not a negative locker-room influence. I try to avoid dealing with potential d-bags on my roster, much less being forced to work for one.

Speaking of forced to work for, I guess it's a good as time as any to go over the rules he's set in place for me:
  • At the end of two years, NEO must have a balance of at least $10,000
  • At the end of two years, NEO must not fall below 55th in overall importance
  • No luchadors may be hired for one year and six months
  • No MMA crossovers may be hired for two years and four months
  • We can't sign or extend people with less than 35 stamina for two years and four months

The rules are pretty tame. As far as I know, the importance goal is impossible to fail (the number will fall if a new promotion debuts). The financial goal, while not a complete cakewalk, should also be something that I can easily overcome. As far as the hiring rules go, the stamina and no luchador rules mean pretty much nothing to me as I don't know many workers in the T-Verse with less than 35 stamina that I would want to hire and, with Adam Sullivan leading the promotion, luchadors weren't going to be on my radar anyway. However, the MMA crossover ban is a bit baffling. I might get frustrated every time a MMA guy starts training for an MMA fight, but at the end of the day, most of the MMA guys are talented mat workers that would do well in NEO.

I guess I should just be happy that Adam didn't put a ban on psychology. While I mentioned earlier that there are guys that I can hire with better psychology than Adam starts with (58), the truth of the matter is that a promotion like NEO is going to want to bring in the cheapest talent possible. And a lot of that talent base consists of inexperienced rookies, may of which have low scores in psychology.

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