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Sunday, Week 2, January 2016
7 people in Saskatchewan


Backstage Segment

Ryan Strong had an interview with Adam Sullivan hyping his upcoming singles match with Colt Kirchart. Ryan says he doesn't care about the legacy of HORSESHOE PRO or that excuse of a championship title that is the Golden Lasso. The only thing that Ryan Strong cares about is that tonight is his first time wrestling in North America in almost a decade and by winning this match he will guarantee himself a spot in NEO Championship Wrestling.

Rating: E

Jon Diamani vs. Richie Spit
Wildcard Qualifier #2 Semi-Final

In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Jon Diamani defeated Richie Spit in 7:42 by pinfall with a Knee To The Temple.

Rating: E-

Backstage Segment

Colt Kirchart had an interview with Adam Sullivan hyping his upcoming singles match with Ryan Strong. He says his time in Saskatoon has been a blast and that he didn't know just how many cowboys there were in the great white north. He knows that he has a big time opponent with a giant chip on his shoulder, but is going to pull through due to all of the support from the chicks and dudes in Saskatoon.

Rating: E

Blue Man vs. Khrome
Wildcard Qualifier #2 Semi-Final

In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Khrome defeated Blue Man in 4:17 by pinfall with a Khrome Dome.

Rating: E-

In-Ring Segment

After the match, Blue Man is out cold in the middle of the ring. Pushing referee Lee Harden aside, Khrome picks Blue Man up to continue his attack. The assault is quick and brutal, and leaves Blue Man completely destroyed.

Rating: D+

Colt Kirchart vs. Ryan Strong
HORSESHOE Golden Lasso

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Ryan Strong defeated Colt Kirchart in 18:16 by pinfall with a Strong Style Collision.

Rating: E
Overall Rating: E+

Promotional Progress
Backstage: 66%
Overness (SK): +0.5% (1.0%)
Prestige: +0.2% (0.4%)
Prestige: +1.0% (2.0%)

Gimmick Ratings
Great: Ryan Strong (Bitter Veteran), Colt Kirchart (Cowboy); Khrome (Man Beast)
Above Average: Richie Spit (Biker)
Average: Jon Diamani (Fan's Own), Blue Man (Comedy Incarnate)

Foolish Commentary: I saw it happen and I still don't really know how I got an E+. Yes, Khrome doing monster things to Blue Man got a huge rating, but even so the main event was just an E. E or E+, the result is the same as we net 0.5% more popularity in Saskatchewan.

Since there isn't a ton to talk about, I might as well go into the angles. I can't remember when I started doing it, but each and everyone one of my angles are six minutes long unless I think it should be longer. It's not the most realistic thing ever, but setting them all to six minutes does a couple of things. First, it makes booking shows a whole lot more simple when you don't have to think about how long each of the angles are. Secondly, it allows your wrestlers and non-in-ring talent to train up their entertainment stats as I believe there is a still a minimum amount of time needed to improve stats via angles. In that same vein, I also think that the game has a time threshold for angles to count towards the show's overall rating (that one I'm not too sure about).

In addition to making them six minutes, I also try and use a small number of generalized angles to save me some time. Whether or not I'm planning on making a diary, I always copy and paste the results into OneNote and can edit the angle description after the fact. For the past two shows I've used only two angles. One interview angle with one wrestler (entertainment) talking about another wrestler (not rated) and being interviewed by Adam Sullivan (microphone) and a monster unleashed angle featuring the monster (menace) attacking the victim (selling). Both of these angles were clones from angles already created in the database. I just found one that was close enough to what I wanted and then tweaked a couple of the drop downs. Finally, I then set them (and a couple of other angles that I often use) to default and got rid of the rest.

Saskatchewan Wrestling Finale

SW Heavyweight
Drew Martinez vs. Lobo

Tag Team Match
George Trent & Jon Diamani vs. Jim Heatly & Khrome

Singles Match
Adam Sullivan vs. Emir Tanovic
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