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Default Interview Day

May 1st, 1980
3:45 P.M.
Chicago State University Library

I walked in with a pretty confident head, my other rivals weren't too confident and one seemed to miss the no shirt, no shoes, no service sign. I picked a seat that was pretty far from the rest of the pack, but still found myself close to a person who wanted to talk a bit too much. ''U ready for this?'' He asked, his breath smelled of week old coffee and a very strong cologne. ''As ready as I can be.'' I hoped my quick response would discourage further conversation, but he instead went on to talk about coaching and his last job and other interviews he has lined up. My name was called, but I was already hearing about his Aunt Nelly.

The actual interview was a rousing success, Athletic Director, David Quamos outlined his plans for the program and his need for a young coach with fresh ideas, which I was a 20 year old dropout with some Top flight High School Ball ability. He looked me over with a sense of respect and told me I was hired, starting today I was the head coach of Chicago State University Men's athletic team.
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