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Default Chapter 6: The Visit

August 7th, 1980
12:00 P.M.

Kenneth arrived with a few buddies who made some fun faces and called the man a big baller from getting all the special attention and treatment from colleges. We prepared for a few days to do this, making sure the campus was good, clearing out anyone who looked to interrupt this amazing meeting between us and Kenneth. He looked pretty impressed as he shook my hand and remarked on the nice view of the campus. That was one plus for sure, but honestly not the last. I had a few of the players help carry his bags and make sure his entourage was accommodated for. He followed me as we guided him through a very informative guide of the school.

'' Here is our-'' A loud scream interrupted my talk as a group of shirtless frat boys ran through Kenneth's group trailing behind the boys were some angry females who still had towels wrapped around them. Kenneth's group hooted and hollered, but Kenneth himself looked confused and out of place. I simply talked about how they were doing the annual Men Vs. Women sprint practice which didn't seem to convince anyone, especially myself. Kenneth got a call and I knew it was Depaul from the way he lit up, he asked to cut the tour short and thanked us for the visit. I hung my head in disappointment as we didn't even get to show him the court and some of my finest players practicing.
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