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Originally Posted by landxx View Post
New Things coming to September update now working mostly on Indy Companies who is smaller than ROH GFW (Of course bigger companies getting some editing) and like that so if you in to Smaller Companies like Smash you will see some differents British Wresling still is Revamping and Companies like Progress and PWG getting well reserverd 50-70 Match Ratings of course many wreslers stats is revamped too.So this is some news hope some one waiting for September Update.By The Way i looking some peoples who could help me with Europe/Australia Wresling
How's the state of CZW in the mod and how many workers are there, compared to Fleisch? I'm very interested in starting a gameplay in the future with CZW, but with Fleisch's original mod It always bore's me unless it's a WWE save.
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