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Default Cheithegung's WWE Dynasty

Hi I am a 14 year old wrestling fan from Australia. I do not have TEW because first off I have a Mac, I don't have any money for myself and I don't want to tell people I'm a wrestling fan. So instead I'm going to write a dynasty without any limitations of the game (of course I'd rather play the game). The only difference with this is that there will be no ratings unfortunately. I don't know if this thread is going to stay on the website because it isn't an actual dynasty but I hope it does stay up. I obviously know how to play watching youtube and reading dynasties. Also just because I'm 14 that doesn't mean I don't know anything outside of WWE. In fact, most of my favourite wrestlers are not in the WWE.

I will put links to some of my inspiration for my writing:

The date WWE will start in is today's RAW. Which is October 1, 2018. Some current storylines may continue many will not. I can guarantee Bobby Roode and Chad Gable VS Ascension will not be continuing.

Current Champions
(If anyone can help with editing titles on that would be nice)

Universal Champion-Roman Reigns

Intercontinental Champion-Seth Rollins

RAW Tag Team Champions-Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

RAW Women's Champion-Ronda Rousey

WWE Champion-AJ Styles

United States Champion-Shinsuke Nakamura

Smackdown Tag Team Champions-New Day

Smackdown Women's Champion-Becky Lynch

Coming up... The first episode of RAW

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