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Default TEW2020 Announcement & Developer's Journal

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Announced

I'm pleased to officially announce that my next game with Grey Dog Software will be Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 and that the ever-popular developer's journal will be starting this coming Monday, the 10th December.

Below I've put together a short FAQ on the subject.

When is the game coming out?

The original aim was to release the game in the summer of 2020. However, things have been progressing so well that I suspect we may now be looking a little earlier than that, possibly even Christmas 2019. You'll be reading about the progress in the upcoming developer's journal, and so the release date will be clearer as we move through the next year.

Why is it such a long way off?

The game has already been under development for some time and will have likely had about two years of work before it is released. The reason that this is so long (about double what we normally do) is simply that this is the biggest, most ambitious project to date.

Usually each TEW game gets written on top of the previous one - this is the most efficient way to do it as it means that I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" each time. The drawback of this is that some often-requested features are simply not possible because the structure / architecture can't support them.

For TEW2020, I've instead completely taken the game apart, rewritten the underlying architecture, and then put each feature back in one-by-one, revamping and upgrading as I go along. The end result is that while you're still going to recognise the game as being part of the TEW series, it's effectively a much sharper, quicker, more intuitive, better quality piece of work. This is going to be the biggest jump forward in terms of quality the series has ever seen (I can say that with confidence because it's already blowing TEW2016 out of the water and there's still at least a year of work to come!)

What will the developer's journal cover?

You've probably noticed that the journal will be running for a long time. Normally it lasts a month, this one will last over a year!

The journal will effectively be split into two. For the next few months we'll be in 'catch up mode'. During this time I will be explaining what we've done so far - what changes have been made, what new features are in, etc. Once we've gone through all the changes (and there's already hundreds!) we'll move into a "live" journal. This will last for the remainder of the project and will effectively let you follow along with the game's progress as I'll be telling you what I'm currently working on, how testing is going, etc.

The journal will not be a daily thing, purely because that would take away too much time from the development. Instead, you can expect two or three entries per week.

How can I get involved?

The game is already fully designed and work is well under way but there's still scope to incorporate some new suggestions, so if you have sudden brainwaves the Suggestions forum is the best place to go and post.

I will be inviting a limited number of playtesters later in the project's life cycle. As usual, this will be invitation only and based on people's behaviour and attitude on the forums. Applications / requests are not accepted and will automatically mean that person will not be considered.

The main place to get involved will be the TEW2020 discussion thread which is further down the board.

Developer's journal contents page

Phase 1: "Announcing and discussing features that have already been completed"

#1: Playing as child companies
#2: Quality of life changes
#3: On-the-fly booking
#4: Switching Player Order
#5: Event Intent
#6: TEW2020 save game to database converter
#7: Venues and locations
#8: Areas and regions
#9: Attributes
#10: Company sizes
#11: Indy Wrestler Of The Year, injury effects, day one narratives
#12: Scheduling
#13: AI event instructions, "sticky" searches
#14: Dojo revamp
#15: Area and regional battles
#16: Company relationships, excursions
#17: Various title belt changes
#18: Talk To Worker
#19: House Shows
#20: Merchandising
#21: Ticket pricing
#22: Contract structure
#23: Spiritual homes and politics
#24: Angles
#25: Angles II
#26: Pushes & perception
#27: Cosmetic immersion touches
#28: Broadcasters
#29: Broadcasting deals
#30: More about broadcasting
#31: Even more about broadcasting
#32: Independent wrestling
#33: Match booking
#34: Experience
#35: User reputation, free pictures
#36: Stables
#37: Loans
#38: Stars and attendance levels
#39: Tag team types, worldwide tag search, numbered TV shows, new match types
#40: Worker styles
#41: New road agent notes
#42: Products
#43: Five small changes
#44: AI Booking
#45: E-mail settings
#46: Momentum
#47: Relocation and luchas de apuestas
#48: Editor changes, quick fill addition
#49: AI gimmick matches, ager / de-ager, bald free pictures, editing contracts
#50: Pre Booking
#51: Pre booking change, fast advance, multiplayer fast advance, tecnicos and rudos
#52: Financial model
#53: Regional battle addition, re-calibrated attendances, sticky screen position
#54: Brands
#55: Merchandise figures and cuts, stables and products, clearing the decks
#56: Financial breakdown, developmental tolerance, transparent coloured lists
#57: Belt profiles, worker potential, downside changes, start data variance
#58: Skill change drip feed, PM options, health levels, star quality
#59: Tournament tracker, swipe arrows
#60: Delayed call ups, owners and other companies, match styles
#61: Moving titles, editing titles, owner preferences
#62: Search by skill, technical wrestling, years of service
#63: Skill comparison, popularity comparison, floating booking ideas
#64: Worker promises
#65: Scouting, Pro Mode, Contextual Rosters
#66: Stored performance, contract offer auto set, editorial skill comparison
#67: Child company size, closing child companies, game world screen, sub-medium costs
#68: Close company, more accurate visibility, young lions, in-game skin change
#69: Popularity caps, crowd burn out, editing relationships, editing chemistry
#70: Era details, name searches, AI tag signing, aggressive predator hiring, visible expiry dates
#71: Legacies, import employment history, default area status, worker overuse
#72: Belt prestige, randomness control, painkiller benefits, coming off steroids
#73: AI pushes, AI feuds, new nationalities, starting money, inactive alliances, player job applications
#74: AI releases, new match aims, manager upgrades, picture requirements, eye candy penalties, financial warning mails, venue name size, body type change detail, new language, tag team copying, battle scores
#75: The remaining minor features

Phase 2: "A 'live' journal of how the project is going and what's currently being worked upon"

#1: Current status of the project and upcoming schedule
#2: Recently added features
#3: Recently added features (part II)
#4: Recently added features (part III)
#5: Intro screens, talent trades
#6: A peek-behind-the-curtain look at gimmicks
#7: Pre-phase II additions
#8: Pre-phase II additions (part II)
#9: Social media storms
#10: Regular social media
#11: Gimmick week, initial testing
#12: Gimmicks
#13: Performance skill revamp
#14: Tidying up
#15: A quiet week
#16: Masked worker names
#17: Testing and other things
#18: Grunt work and prepping the CornellVerse
#19: Attribute suggestions
#20: Auto booker, redo schedule
#21: More auto booker
#22: Products and matches
#23: Coming schedule
#24: This week's attribute additions
#25: More attribute additions
#26: Unsurprisingly, it's even more attribute additions
#27: General status update
#28: Initial database work
#29: More database work / new products
#30: Product suggestions
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