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Post Storyline Suggestions

If you have suggestions for additional storylines, please use this thread rather than posting separate topics for each. Please remember that the following restrictions apply:

- A storyline can branch out into other storylines (i.e. if you succeed at storyline A then storyline B is available the next month, but if you fail then storyline C is used instead), but you cannot have branches within a storyline itself (i.e. you cannot have it so that if you win match #1 then match X happens, if you lose then match Y happens) but you can have different attributes applied depending on wins and losses to simulate different paths.

- The result of the storyline (succeed \ neutral \ fail) must be dependent on the results of the matches.

- If you have too many 'cast members' in the storyline it could become very difficult for many promotions to use it because they won't have enough people on the roster; usually you can assume there are at least 9 people plus the player himself.
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