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Default Hulk Knows WCW Best

Hulk Knows WCW Best

The year is 1994 and WCW has...

A endless supply of money
As much TV time that are needed

He is paid like the owner
He has creative control
He is a survivor
He know how to book himself strong, so why not give him the task of making the entire promotion look strong

Some would describe him as a....
Greedy megalomaniac
His name is Hulk Hogan and he will bring in his lapdogs Ed Leslie, Jim Duggan and Jimmy Hart for the ride

Hogan will receive a cut of the pay-per-view revenues
Ted Turner has agreed on letting Hogan become a shareholder
Will Hogan focus to make serious cash for himself and Turner in the process?

Hulk Hogan...Creative Genius or Complete Jackass?

Fantasy booking WCW as Hulk Hogan using TEW 2016!

Don't miss Hogan booking himself strongly; Ed "The Man of a Thousand Horrible Gimmicks"; The Dungeon of Doom; Evad "The World's No 1 Hulkamaniac" Sullivan; "The Most Evil Man in Professional Wrestling of All Time" Kevin Sullivan; “The Badd Man” Johnny B. Badd; and "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright.

or the possible return of Oz, The Black Scorpion, The Shockmaster, Robocop and The Ding Dongs.
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