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Thought I'll do a little update on my last post, on what's going on, just finished year end Dynamite!! 2006 show.

Heavyweight Champion
Jeffrey Stallings
Van der Moot never actually lost his HW title, but he took a long hiatus (still on it...) so I created an Interim title for which Stallings beat Sam Hoynes and defended it against Lucas Teixeira. After Van der Moot been out for too long and no set date to return (plus his contract ran out) Stallings was made the main champion, with first defense against Bienvenido Romulo. Now he's set to defend it Matej Zielinski in a rematch. Heavyweight is by far my weakest division I'd say.

Light Heavyweight Champion
Datsakorn Pratoomwong
Since Kurri this belt has been a hot potato. Kurri lost it to Van der Moot, who lost it to Cory Bradburn, then Dag Kreuger got it and just lost it to Patoomwong at Dynamite!! He really came out of nowhere, was a champion in TOP and is 3-0 in SIGMA. I signed Hasegawa and Marlon John in the big moves, and set them against each other at Dynamite!! with John winning, so he might get the next title shot, or fight Kurri, because Pratoomwong broke his hand beating the crap out of Kreuger.

Middleweight Champion
Shaun Dico
Moura lost his belt to Kadonomaro Deguchi, who after 1 defense lost it to Shaun Dico. 11-0 in SIGMA, Dico has been built slowly over the years, but still came in as underdog in his fight against Deguchi but ended up dominating 5 rounds. He's set to defend it against Heath Kaladaris, and he's the underdog again.

Welterweight Champion
Evgeni Medtner
Welterweight has been crazy. Hristov lost the belt to Dominykas Jankovic in a Split Decision, David Webb has been screwed with the decision twice already. Medtner then completed the full circle, by beating Jankovic via SD (having already lost twice to him) to regain the title he lost to Kenneth Toadspew over 7 years earlier. Funny enough after struggling for some time, Toadspew managed to build himself a win streak and might be the next in line to complete the trilogy.

Lightweight Champion
Tarcisio Dantas
Two title defenses from Manoel Cabral were dominant against Lubos Plasil and rematch with Fiyero but then lost it to Tarcisio Dantas in an all Brazilian headliner. Dantas' first defense was at Dynamite!! against Patrik Pedersen in a great 5 round war. Not too sure what's next for him yet.

Featherweight Champion
Georges Nouri
Somehow he is still the champion. To be fair though, his challengers haven't been really top notch as the top contenders couldn't build a win streak. He submitted Heiko Pander, Milenko Rudonja and Wallace Everett. Up next for him is the biggest challenge yet in the rematch with Ziskie.

Bantamweight Champion
Nuno Valentino
THE BEST FIGHTER ON THE PLANET. Dominating at 10 consecutive title defenses. Willy Bassett, Hyobe Kamioka, Fernando Peragon had their shots while Grabowski and Markus Waller had their rematches and all failed. All that's left for Nuno to do is 2 more title defenses to equal James Foster in game record for title defenses at 12 in GAMMA. But he's really running out of challengers, so I hope some top fighters from XCC become available over the next few months.
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