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Hey Man, good to catch other of your diaries, Im always intrigued by your stories, and the fact we have that educators connection, always makes me happy when I see a diary of yours.

Pretty Good Roster, I like Ace Youngblood and Max Mayhem alright, but I love The Aces of Mayhem as a team, so good call giving them the tag division instead of having them as solo wrestlers, dont get me wrong they can work good as individuals, but usually they work better as a team.

Ummm, Jebediah as Champion, he wouldnt be my first choice, but I like to see new people getting new opportunities, and I know you can book him well as champion, I was honestly going to bet on Riley McManus but good swerve, maybe if you went with McManus would seem to MAW, so I see why not, or maybe he wasnt in your plans.

Hellion, well that was unexpected, Im Calling it with a little work, this guy is going to be your main attraction.

Now, I have to tell a nitpick, because if not im going to be uncomfortable all diary, given how the game doesnt have states but regions, given the official maps made by the Devs, Denver isnt in the North West Region, is in the Mid South, but the Rockies are in the North West, just not the part of it that is in Denver, more like the Idaho-Montana Rockies, so the name of the company is factually correct.
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