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I am loving the diary so far! Love seeing different people get pushed, especially ones that I like, but never figured out how to push lol.

Rocky Mountain Wrestling Presents: Wrestling Summit I
Saturday Week 4, March 2016

Main Event
Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship
Sixty Minute Time Limit
“Southern Justice” Jack Griffith versus “The Amish Mountain” Jebediah ©

Semi Main Event
Rocky Mountain Tag Team Championship
Forty-Five Minute Time Limit
National Guard [Desert Storm and The Silencer] versus The Aces of Mayhem [Ace Youngblood and Max Mayhem] ©

Special Attraction
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Cip Conduit versus “Cowboy” Buck Winchester

Opening Contest
Eight Man Tag
$400 Bonus to the winning team
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Jebediah, Buck Winchester, and the Aces of Mayhem versus Jack Griffith, Cip Conduit, and National Guard
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