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The announcers welcome us to the show and hype Mustafa Ali versus Ariya Daivari amd Drew Gulak teaming with Jack Gallagher versus Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick.

Rating: 6.1

205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick comes out to the stage and announces that at the Royal Rumble, Buddy Murphy will defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a four corners match. His three challengers will be decided in the coming weeks beginning tonight when Kalisto goes one on one with Hideo Itami.

Rating: 6.1


The first match is everything that 205 has grown to become. The two trade the offense back and forth several times, incorporating high flying maneuvers, but it’s Ali who finally takes control and puts Daivari away with a 450 splash.

Winner by Pinfall: Mustafa Ali
Rating: 5.7

Backstage, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy is casually hanging out. He looks to the camera and says that most of the lesser superstars on 205 would be worried when they’re told they’ll defend against three men at the Royal Rumble, but not the Juggernaut. He’s bigger, he’s stronger, and he’s better than everyone else and in a few weeks he’ll prove it once again.

Rating: 5.7


Pretty standard tag match in the early going but it becomes clear that after an exchange with Alexander, Gallagher appears hurt and quickly tags out, dropping down to the ringside floor and being looked at by one of the WWE doctors. Gulak carries his team’s effort in the match after that and faced both Alexander and Kendrick.

Half way through the match Lio Rush walks down to ringside and annoyingly begins to heckle Alexander. Gulak’s opportunity arrives when Kendrick whips Gulak into the corner but he reverses it and Kendrick accidentally slams into Alexander, who is distracted by Lio Rush, knocking him off the apron. Kendrick staggers back and Gulak rolls him up with added leverage from grabbing the rope unseen by the referee for the three count.

Winners by Pinfall: Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher
Rating: 5.9

Cedric Alexander looks furious as Lio Rush taunts him, clearly happy with causing the pinfall through his distraction. Vic Joseph says he just got word from Drake Maverick that next week it will be Rush versus Alexander for the second spot in the four way match at the Royal Rumble!

Rating: 5.2


Itami controls the opening bell, hammering Kalisto with a strong style attack of strikes but the masked fan favorite makes a comeback, flipping over Itami on a charge into the corner and drop kicking him chest first into the same corner. Itami is staggered but when Kalisto presses his advantage, Itami stops him cold with a knee to the chest and a snapping neckbreaker for a close two count. Kalisto looks like he’s in trouble and Itami is confidant as he whips Kalisto into the ropes but Kalisto ducks a clothesline and hits Salida del Sol out of nowhere for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kalisto:
Rating: 5.9

The Lucha House Party comes down to the ring and celebrates along with their pinata as the show goes off the air.

Rating: 5.6

Overall: 6.0

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