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The show begins with a match already in action. Conners blasts Williams with a lariat to start the match and he employs a ground and pound style to keep the aerial artist from taking leap. Some stiff forearm shots, a brutal backbreaker finds Kenny Williams nearly beaten by a 2 count. Conners nails Don't Look Down and covers...1...2..Williams kicks out barely.
Conners goes for it again but, Williams reverses into a TBone Suplex and takes to the air with a flying shooting star for a 2 count. Williams employs stiff kicks of his own before going up top and nailing a flying forearm that knocks Conners down. Williams dispatches Conners to the floor and runs through the ropes in a spinning suicide dive and puts Conners back in the ring. He goes up top and nails a 450 for the 1..2..3.

Winner by Pinfall: Kenny Williams
Rating: 24

The Announcers excitedly hype tonight’s main event. Pete Dunne vs Wolfgang in a non-title match tonight!

Rating: 15


As Toni Storm comes out, we see clips of her winning the Mae Young Classic and are told that at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool she will challenge for the NXT UK Women's Title against Rhea Ripley. Nina starts out mocking Toni Storm calling her the "chosen one" and slaps her dead in the face. Storm responds with a series of stiff slaps, a boot to Nina's stomach, bouncing off the ropes and delivering a stiff kick to Samuel's face. From there it is all Toni Storm as she puts away Nina Samuels in short order with the Storm Zero for the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall: Toni Storm
Rating: 18

Following the win, Rhea Ripley hits the ring which causes Toni to be surprised. Ripley calls her a “legend” and shakes Toni’s hand but in a way that makes Storm wonder if Rhea means it. Rhea says “watch me next week” and leaves the ring while Storm watches her go.

Rating: 10

The Announcers remind us of a huge happening just a month ago.

Rating: 15


Thorne and Miller open this match with some proficient tag team wrestling keeping Gibson on the apron and Drake in the ring. Drake keeps hanging on as The Mighty use power double team moves to try to earn the opportunity to go to the UK Tag Title finals but can never secure a pinfall. Finally, Drake takes out Shane Thorne with a reverse GTS and that allows him to tag in Zack Gibson who starts to throw The Mighty around the ring. The bruiser from Liverpool scores with a Powerbomb into a backbraker on Miller but only gets a two count. Thorne and Miller try to doubleteam Gibson but this brings back in Drake and before long Drake throws Nick Miller up into the air and plants him face first onto Gibson's bended knee for a knock out shot and the three count.

Winner by Pinfall and advancing to the UK Tag Team Title Finals at TakeOver to challenge Mustache Mountain:: Zack Gibson & James Drake - The Grizzled Young Veterans
Rating: 27

In the back, Joe Coffey cuts a promo on NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne. He says that he does not fear the Bruiserweight because Gallus are bruisers themselves. At NXT UK's first TakeOver, Coffey will show Pete Dunne that the person everyone should be afraid of, is him. 9 days are all that is left in the reign of the Bruiserweight. Take that title, shine it up, and get ready for the fight of your life. If Dunne can survive tonight that is. Wolfgang will get him ripe and Coffey will finish the job because at TakeOver, Gallus will rule the United Kingdom.

Our main event is next!

Rating: 26


As soon as Dunne enters the ring, Wolfgang is on him with a charging block that sends the champion through the ropes and to the floor. On the floor, Wolfgang picks up the Bruiserweight and slams him back first into the ring post before bodyslamming Dunne hard onto the ring barrier. Back inside the ring, its clear that Wolfgang's goal is to injure Dunne before TakeOver in 9 days. Wolfgang delivers a spear that nearly crushes the champ for a 2 count. He drops Dunne with a series of hard suplexs and knee shots to the stomach and nearly scores a pinfall. Wolfgang scores with the Avalanche TKO and covers...1.....2....Dunne barely kicks out. Wolfgang goes for a spear again but, Dunne is able to kick him dead in his face and begin a series of strikes and limb contortments that soon has the big man screaming for mercy. When Dunne signals for the Bitter End, Joe Coffey runs out for a distraction. Wolfgang takes advantage with a back elbow, goes up top and flies off for a Swanton but, Dunne puts his knees up and Wolfgang lands neck first onto the knees. The Bruiserweight hits the Bitter End and points at Coffey as he covers...1...2...3.

Winner by Pinfall: Pete Dunne
Rating: 20

Following the win, Coffey distracts Dunne again allowing Wolfgang to again attack the champ. When Pete Dunne fights back, Coffey gets inside the ring this and blasts him from behind. This is too much for the champ to bear and soon, Pete Dunne is caught with the rotating elbow to the face and is knocked out cold.

NXT UK ends with Joe Coffey and Wolfgang, 2/3 of Gallus, standing over the fallen champion looking down in disgust with Coffey holding the NXT UK title high.

Rating: 19
Overall: 22
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