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The show opens with our announcers who hype tonight’s main event on the heels of last week’s tag match as we see Lio Rush go one on one with Cedric Alexander for the right to be one of the four men vying for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Rating: 6.5

Maria and Mike Kanellis come down to the ring, all lovey dovey and gushing over each other before sharing a kiss. That’s when Mike gets on the mic and says that the time for kisses is over. He calls out his opponent to come get the beating he deserves so he can get back to the hottest woman on the planet and the First Lady of 205 Live.

Rating: 6.4


A pretty good match between these two. Dar flips his offense around, using some aerial maneuvers to keep Kanellis on the defense and gets a two count from a cross body block off the top but he makes a fatal mistake when he attempts a splash into the corner and Kanellis moves. Kanellis goes on the attack, punctuated with a knee drop from the second rope. Dar is stunned and Kanellis wastes no time hitting the Power of Love (Samoan Driver) for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Mike Kanellis
Rating: 5.8

A vignette is shown of a masked man doing some incredible moves and a lot of fast paced action. It ends with:


Rating: 7.0


Pretty standard match between the quicker Tozawa and the powerful Nese. Tozawa plays cat and mouse in the early going before Nese turns him inside out with a clothesline. Nese pummels Tozawa for a few minutes but can’t get a pinfall on him. Growing frustrates, Nese goes to the top but Tozawa crotches him, then hits a hurricanrana off the top for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Akira Tozawa
Rating: 6.0

The Announcers excitedly hype next week’s final qualifier for the Royal Rumble four corners match when we’ll see Brian Kendrick take on long time nemesis Drew Gulak.

Rating: 6.9


Alexander has revenge on his mind as he takes it to Rush in the early going, causing the mouth that never stops to take to the outside for a break but Alexander follows him allowing Rush to ambush him when they get back in the ring, Rush uses quick strikes and attacks to wear Cedric down but he can’t get a pinfall. The two men go through a flurry of move for move reversals ending with Rush hitting a Sunset Flip but unseen by the referee he has his feet on the second rope and uses the leverage to get a 123.

Winner by Pinfall: Lio Rush
Rating: 5.1

Alexander is stunned as Rush hightails it up the ramp, laughing and pointing at Alexander. From the look on Alexander’s face they are far from over.

Rating: 6.3

Overall: 5.9
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