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Prediction Listing

Mike Sharpe vs. Big Bossman
Comments: Big Bossman picks up an easy victory over a tough Mike Sharpe

Earthquake and Dino Bravo vs. Shane Douglas and Al Burke
Comments: Earthquake and Dino Bravo literally squash them

Orient Express vs. The Bushwhackers
Comments: Could go either way but I think the Bushwhackers picks up the victory in this encounter.

Over The Top Rope Challenge Match
Winner Chooses Between 25-30 In The Royal Rumble
The Warlord vs. The British Bulldog
Comments: This is a 50/50 match but winning a high number seems like a nice spot for the heel to win.

Rick Martel vs. Sam Houston
Comments: Could go either way if Roberts gets involved but going with the Model.

Brooklyn Brawler vs. Jimmy Snuka
Comments: Jimmy Snuka picks up win here in a squash match, unless this is the beginning of a Brooklyn Brawler push.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Mr. Perfect defends vs. Greg Valentine
Comments: Should be a great match, but Perfect retains. I always forget that Valentine was a face at this time as the majority of his career he was always heel.

Thoughts On Diary: Like where it's going still looking forward to the Royal Rumble and see how it the lead in to WrestleMania goes.
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