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Originally Posted by Historian View Post
Match Card

Dirty White Boy vs. Scott Stud
Comments: Dirty White Boy

The Thrillseekers vs. The Gangstas
Comments: I think this will end in some sort of no contest

SMW Beat the Champ TV Title Match
Tracey Smothers (c) vs. Bruiser Bedlam
Comments: Smothers

Diary Comments: Woth the exception of the release of Mark Curtis (I understand the UC is the ref, i just love Mark curtis) and the East Tennessee legend Ron Wright, I’m enjoying it. SMW has a soft spot in my southern ‘rasslin loving heart.
I appreciate your input. I did try to hire Mark Curtis back, but unfortunately his morale is too low to come back and work, so I really screwed up with that. Had I known that in my first 2 weeks, my available money would triple, I definitely would not have released anybody. Well, live and learn, I'm not gonna go back and start over, I'll just have to go with what I got.
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