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SMW TV (July Week 3, 1994) Preview

-- With his partner out of the company now, Mustapha Saed will go the singles route. He was drawn to challenge Tracy Smothers in this weeks SMW Beat the Champ TV Championship match.

-- Chris Candido and Brian Lee will be on SMW TV for the first time in a non-title match against Al Snow and Bobby Blaze.

-- There have been questions regarding just how the SMW Beat the Champ TV Title is going to work going forward, and SMW General Manager Jim Cornette will be on hand to go over the new rules and stipulations for this belt.

-- Jake Roberts is still on the warpath. Will Cornette announce his next title defense tonight, or will "The Snake" slither up on someone else?

-- The Dirty White Boy, Dirty White Girl, Scott Stud triangle had some interesting developments last week. What will happen this week between the 3?

-- Well Dunn has in fact been announced as the heel tag team to take the place of the Gangstas in the 3 team round robin tournament to determine a #1 contender for the SMW Tag Team Titles. They will take on the Rock N' Roll Express this week. Jim Cornette has announced that since Well Dunn lost to the Armstrongs 2 weeks ago, they will start this tournament 0-1, and will need to beat the Express to stay alive.

-- Apparently, there was an incident between the 2 families of SMW, as the Funks and Armstrongs tried to lay claim on the SMW territory. Bob Armstrong and Dory Funk Jr. will step into the ring this week to battle it out in an exciting SMW TV Main Event.

Match Card

Non-Title Match
Brian Lee and Chris Candido vs. Al Snow and Bobby Blaze

Well Dunn vs. The Rock n' Roll Express

SMW Beat the Champ TV Title Match
Tracy Smothers (c) vs. Mustapha Saed

Dory Funk Jr. vs. "Bullet" Bob Armstrong

If all goes well, I will be running this show sometime tomorrow, late morning or early afternoon, so get those predictions and comments in soon.
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