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Match Card

Non-Title Match
Brian Lee and Chris Candido vs. Al Snow and Bobby Blaze
Comments: This match is basically the future of your company if you use them right and keep them.

Well Dunn vs. The Rock n' Roll Express
Comments: Rock n' Roll Express I see winning it all but hope they can pass the torch down the road to the Thrillseekers as the top face tag team.

SMW Beat the Champ TV Title Match
Tracy Smothers (c) vs. Mustapha Saed
Comments: Smothers wins as Saed fades out unless you can find a replacement for New Jack. I would recommend a young D'Lo Brown (AC Connors) who was with them at some point.

Dory Funk Jr. vs. "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
Comments: This should be a great match I look for Roberts to attack Armstrong.

And to echo the warnings above do not trust Jake Roberts. He can and will show up unable to work or not at all. Glad he has kept clean so far but he's due. So always have a back up plan for him and possibly be thinking about a new top guy for the future. Roberts won't last forever along with guys like Dory Funk, Rock n' Roll, and Bob Armstrong who are all closer to retirement than their prime.
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