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Originally Posted by Historian View Post
So, as a big SMW fan, the TV Title was modeled after some TV titles from, I believe, the early 60s. (Cornette has talked about it a length during one of the conversations he had about SMW on a podcast). The idea being, that you got a $1,000 purse for each title win and defense and maxed out at $5,000. Part of it was the transitory nature of the talent, but part of it was Cornette's attempt to have a championship that was defended every week that had a built in stake so that he could do a variety of different combinations. It also allowed him to bounce the title around without it losing prestige and gave him a reason to have guys like Tracy Smothers, The Dirty White Boy, etc... challenge for it, because there was a cash bonus associated with winning and holding it.

You're doing good work, sportsfanmas. If it helps, the Funks were never fulltime members of the SMW roster, they occasionally made appearances for Cornette, but he didn't use them every week or anything. I think with the money issue you're starting to experience is indicative of the problems Cornette had in real life.
Thanks for the compliment. I just hope my interest in this doesn't fade out like it has in almost all my other dynasties. My favorite dynasty to do was my WCW 1991 dynasty, but once there started to be so many other dynasties of the same kind, mine just couldn't compare. I also had a fun time with my WCW 1997 dynasty, but again, I just couldn't compare to some of the other great writers on here. So far so good in this one, I think it helps to have a smaller company to work with as it's not so overwhelming and the rating demands aren't sky high.

The problem I know I'm going to face at some point (besides the financial issues) are scheduling issues. With being a regional sized company and not being able to sign guys to written contracts, I've already had to adjust my broadcasting schedule to Wednesday. So far everybody on the roster is still free on Wednesdays, but if that should change, I'll have a real problem on my hands.

As for the TV title, once you read my latest show recap, you'll see I'm doing sort of the same thing with it. The problem I'll run into there is finding enough guys so that I don't start having rematches for the title. TEW seems to frown on face/face or heel/heel matches, so if I keep it strictly face/heel, unless I want to throw an Upper Mid or Main Eventer in the tv title picture, my options become limited. Still an issue I'm working on though. Thanks for the support.
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