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A video is shown recapping last week’s show, highlighting specifically Lio Rush qualifying for the Royal Rumble Cruiserweight Championship match with his victory over Cedric Alexander.

Rating: 6.9


The past between these two comes into play immediately as their shared hatred plays out with a violent clash from the opening bell. They flip the advantage back and forth over the course of the match but finally Gulak gets the upper hand. He keeps pressing Kendrick on pinfalls but Kendrick always manages to kick out. Gulak makes a frustrated mistake by slinging Kendrick into the corner and charging in, but Kendrick stops him in his tracks with an elbow. With Gulak stunned momentarily, Kendrick grabs him around the neck and quickly runs up the nearby turnbuckles to hit Sliced Bread for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Brian Kendrick
Rating: 5.9

Following the match Kendrick celebrates his big win, knowing he’s got a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Rating: 7.4

The announcers hype Kendrick’s win a moment ago and the fatal fourway at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship with Buddy Murphy defending against Kalisto, Lio Rush, and Brian Kendrick.
Rating: 6.2

Maria Kanellis is shown in a pre-taped segment. She hypes her husband Mike and their intense love affair. She then says next week he’ll humble someone who desperately needs it…Mustafa Ali. The heart of 205 Live is going to be flatlined.

Rating: 6.8


A fast paced tag match which follows the standard playbook of the heels controlling and keeping Dorado separated from his partner until the hot tag is made. Finally he gets Metallik the hot tag and he cleans house with a ton of energy, finally hitting a cross body block from the top on Daivari for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik
Rating: 5.7

Following the match Nese and Daivari go on the attack and look like they’re going to seriously injure their opponents when….

Sin Cara comes running down the aisle and wipes out both Nese and Daivari. After helping Dorado and Metallik to their feet the Lucha House Party celebrates with their newest member.

Rating: 6.4

We see a graphic telling us next week’s main event will be a tag match with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy teaming up with Lio Rush versus Kalisto and Brian Kendrick shead of the fatal four way at the Royal Rumble.

Rating: 7.1


Prince Pretty makes his 205 debut against former champion TJP. It’s an equal match through the first half but Breeze makes TJP pay for a misjudged dropkick and from that point it’s the Breeze of old taking care of business before putting TJP away with Beauty Shot.

Winner by Pinfall: Tyler Breeze
Rating: 5.8

Breeze doesn’t even have time to celebrate his win as Hideo Itami suddenly hits the ring and blasts him from behind. Itami takes him apart with strikes before hitting a DDT. Breeze is face down in the ring and Itami is staring down at him with a vengeful glare as the show ends.

Rating: 7.1

Overall: 6.4
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