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Jack DeColt v Sayeed Ali
I donīt see Ali going over Jack here despite him getting quite a big push from the beginning

Christian Price v Ozzie Golden
I could see this one going either way. Normally I would go with Price as he seems to produce slightly better ratings at the moment but I feel that this is here to build up Golden so I expect some kind of win by cheating here.

Shane Nelson v Whippy the Clown
Another could go either way but I feel that Whippy could use the win more as we havenīt really seen how dangerous he could be in-ring.

Chucky v Stevie Grayson
I doubt that Stevie would lose this one no matter how easy he is to trick.

Blockbuster v Ian Identity
Blockbuster is the one with storyline going

Out of CGC's midcard, who has impressed you the most?
HArd to say who has impressed since I didnīt have much previous knowledge about most of the guys but Skip and Antonio have gotten a bigger role that I would had initially expected.

Lightweight as a CGC World champ, thoughts?
I donīt see why lightweight couldnīt be a champion as that could be a great storyline to tell and itīs not like itīs an actual rule if Ricky have had a title run as lightweight, just something that havenīt been done for some reason.
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