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NXT UK opens with a recap video of last Saturday's TakeOver Blackpool complete with Rhea Ripley successfully defending the NXT UK Womens Championship, the Grizzled Young Veterans winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championship & Pete Dunne successfully defending against Joe Coffey. The video ends with Coffey's promise that this is not over.

Rating: 7.5

Gallus opens the show by coming down to the ring. Joe Coffey states that what happened last Saturday in Blackpool was simply that Pete Dunne got lucky. And now, the bloke has run off back to America to try to capture the North American title. Well, Gallus is here. The take over of NXT UK may have hit a snag last Saturday but, it is not over. Tonight, in the main event, the Coffey Brothers will show NXT UK that this brand belongs to us and that Gallus runs this show. And we will prove it against the so beloved Mustache Mountain. So, boys, get ready for the beating of your lives.

Rating: 5.0


Early on Andrews is able to get some licks in but, Gradwell headbutts him and then delivers a vicious European Uppercut that floors the Welsh star and soon Gradwell is on Mark Andrews. He locks in a chin lock but places his knee right behind Andrews' head and bends it backward causing excruciating pain. When Andrews is able to break the hold by putting his foot in the ropes, Gradwell drops a knee to the back of Andrews' knee and locks him in a STF. Andrews fights but, Gradwell elbows him in the nose and locks it back in. This time Andrews has to give up.

Winner by submission: Sam Gradwell
Rating: 4.3

Following the match, Sam Gardwell gets on the mic. He says that the Coffeys and Gallus may think that they have a claim on Pete Dunne but, Sam Gardwell can out wrestle anyone. Dunne may call himself the Bruiserweight but Sam Gardwell sends people to the bloody hospital. We have met before and we will soon meet again. Pete Dunne, your next challenger is calling you out.

Rating: 6.2

Rating: 4.4

We get a recap of Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm from last Saturday. We are told that Toni Storm will be in action next week on NXT UK.
Rating: 6.9


The debuting Kento Miyahara from All Japan Wrestling excites with some high flying moves to start, including a diving corkscrew back elbow that nearly ends the match. But, the star from Pakistan, Jordan, has some high flying moves of his own including a standing shooting star press that gets a two count. Kento nails the Blackout running knee but only gets a two count. He goes for the Shutdown German Suplex but Jordan flips out and lands on his feet and nails a running Enziguiri. Jordan goes up top and does a front flip into a Guillotine Leg Drop for the 1...2....3.

Winner by pinfall: Amir Jordan
Rating: 3.0

A promo video airs showing Jinny and focusing on her calling herself the Nightmare of NXT. She destroys some unknown woman in a sparring match. We are told that she will make her NXT UK appearance next week.

Rating: 6.7

The Grizzled Young Veterans are shown entering a bar to celebrate their win as NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Before long they have had a couple pints and start a bar brawl. They smash a glass over the bartender's head and walk out as the brawl rages on celebrating about a job well done.

Rating: 5.4


This is straight up decimation as Kelly stays true to her name and just level's the cute pixie. Before long Killer Kelly does a Bucklebomb into a big boot that knocks out Brookside. 1..2..3.

Winner by pinfall: Killer Kelly
Rating: 2.9

We see earlier tonight where Gallus demanded a match with Mustache Mountain. That match, the main event of the week, is next.
Rating: 5.7


Early on the Coffey Brothers mock Bate and Seven and clearly don't take them seriously. That is a mistake as Mark Coffey almost gets pinned following a double superkick. The Coffey's then get serious as they beat apart Trent Seven and really keep him from Bate for most of the match. They trade body blows on Seven and high impact shots to the head that have the veteran nearly out but, Trent Seven shows incredible heart and doesn't give up. Eventually Joe Coffey goes for a swinging FaceBuster but, Seven uses the rotation to propel Coffey into the ropes where Bate kicks him in the head. With Joe down, Trent Seven is finally able to tag in his partner as Mark Coffey is tagged in as well. Tyler Bate cleans house and nearly beats Mark Coffey with a German Suplex into a bridge but Joe Coffey kicks him in the ribs. This brings back in Trent Seven who fights with Joe Coffey and they end up on the floor. Mark Coffey signals to end the match and goes for a jumping Enziguiri but Bate ducks under, hooks him and delivers a walking German Suplex into a bridge...1...2....3.

Winners by pinfall: Mustache Mountain
Rating: 4.3

Gallus is shocked that they have lost and this brings out Wolfgang who is furious. As Mustache Mountain celebrate, the big man gets in the ring and lays them both out. The Coffeys get into the ring and the three pick apart Bate and Seven until officials rush out. Gallus leaves the ring laughing as NXT UK goes off the air.

Rating: 5.8
Overall: 5.2

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