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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #11 (05/21, 05/22)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #11

May 21st, 1987

From the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Attendance: 11,000 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


The show kicks off with Gene Okerlund, who is alongside with the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. Okerlund informs viewers that Paul Orndorff was given the night off by WWF President, Jack Tunney, so that he could get the much needed rest on his body before his upcoming battle with King Kong Bundy this Sunday at the Free for All PPV.

Afterwards, Okerlund talks to Hogan about his upcoming main event match against Harley Race. Hogan says that he has had enough of The Heenan Family running around and causing chaos. Hogan adds that he is glad Orndorff saw the light and moved on from the alliance. Hogan finishes by throwing a message to “The King” Harley Race.

Hulk Hogan: “This Sunday, Bobby “The Weasel” Heenan and his whole entire family is going to feel the full power of Hulkamania brother! Harley Race, you call yourself the king? Well how about you put that title on the line, brother?! As a matter of fact, keep the title, I am not out here to fight you for the rights to be called king. I am out here to bring you and the rest of your crew down, brother! So get ready all of my Hulkamaniacs, because I’m here tonight for a fight!”

Semi-Finals WWF World Tag Team #1 Contender Tournament

Normal, Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs Vs. Demolition

Both teams knew that this was only the start of their night, as the team that walks out of this match will have to compete again tonight against The Can-Am Connection. Both teams looked good displaying strength to legitimize them as real contenders in the tag team division. Davey Boy Smith showed a lot of signs to be a potential star with his performance.

Demolition and the Bulldogs battled it out with neither team getting the advantage. Mid-way through, Dynamite Kid picked up the pace with his offense and soon afterwards, tagged in Smith. Smith was a straight brute in this moment, delivering a big shoulder tackle to AX and Smash. The British Bulldogs looked well on their way to victory but then an unexpected alliance appeared…

The Russian Alliance arrived and they looked intent on causing chaos in front of the fans. They walked down the ramp and hounded Dynamite Kid, with verbal threats. Smith, who was the legal men, went out there and confronted them. Ivan Koloff informed his alliance to back off and ensured Smith that they mean no harm. The Russian Alliance then backed away from Kid and made their way to the opposite side of the ring.

Smith would return in the ring, to be beaten down by AX. Demolition made frequent tags to wear out Smith, with the referee’s attention on Demolition not breaking any rules, The Russian Alliance eventually made their way to Dynamite Kid again, but this time, attacking him. Smith caught attention but suddenly got hit again by AX. Demolition would finish Smith off with the Demolition Decapitation to earn the win.

Winners: Demolition

Match Time: 5:51

Finish: Demolition Decapitation on Smith leads to Ax earning the Pin.


As Demolition leaves the ring with no attack by The Russian Alliance, Ivan Koloff, who is at ringside where Dynamite Kid is laid out, instructs the alliance to attack Davey Boy Smith. Smith, who is still in the ring selling the Demolition Decapitation finisher, taunts them to bring it. The Russian Alliance beats Smith down, who doesn’t go down without a brief fight. “The Russian Brute” Nikita Koloff begins wrapping his fist with the silver chain he wears around his neck. Ivan Koloff orders Nikolai and Iron Sheik to lift Smith up, they do as told, which then leads to Nikita Koloff delivering the vicious strike to Smith’s face. Ivan Koloff then takes to the microphone and uses The British Bulldogs as an example of a disgrace.

Ivan Koloff: “Look at these two pathetic scums, a team that gets opportunity after opportunity… Well where is our opportunity? I’ll tell you where and it starts with these two right here. This team had two opportunities to get the job done and they blew it. They had a chance again tonight to earn a match for the gold and they blew it. This team right here is weak, they are nothing but a disgrace just like everyone of you. Now we expect our opportunities and we want them now. Let this be a message to you, Jack Tunney.”

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Corporal Kirchner Vs. Hercules

Hercules has been on a roll week after week, dominating every challenger that comes his way for the WWF World Television Championship. Tonight, he made easy work of Corporal Kirchner, as he dismantled him and executed the Full Nelson in less then 5 minutes. Kirchner instantly submitted once the hold was locked in, as Bobby Heenan cheered for his client who has picked up his 5th defense.

Winner: Hercules

Defense: #5

Match Time: 1:52

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to Submission.


WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat gave his thoughts on his upcoming rematch against “The Unnatural” Butch Reed. Steamboat acknowledges Reed’s strength and admits that he underestimated him. Steamboat adds that while he may be at a disadvantage strength wise, he will somehow find the will to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Ricky Steamboat: “Butch Reed, you have proven that you can go toe to toe with the dragon. Though, you have yet to prove you can defeat the dragon. This Sunday, you’ll once again have that chance but only then, will I prevail. This WWF Intercontinental Championship is now mine and the people’s championship and come this Sunday, I’ll do whatever it takes to continue defending our championship. So bring all of your strength this Sunday, because your going up against this dragon’s fire.”

Normal, Singles Match

Ricky Steamboat Vs. Dino Bravo

After his pre-recorded promo on Butch Reed, Ricky Steamboat had singles action with the Canadian strongmen, Dino Bravo. If any competitor were to be a good warm up for Butch Reed, it would be Dino Bravo. The man has strength similar to Reed and he showcased that here against Steamboat. Bravo looked good and held the offense throughout the beginning of the match. Steamboat eventually made a big counter that helped him reclaim momentum. After a hot streak of moves, Steamboat finished Bravo with the Flying Karate Chop, to earn the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat

Match Time: 6:56

Finish: Flying Karate Chop by Steamboat leads to Pin.


Backstage, Bobby Heenan and The Heenan Family appear, in which Heenan hypes up this Sunday’s WWF Free for All Pay-Per-View. Heenan then dishes Paul Orndorff about his absence, stating that if Orndorff can’t stand King Kong Bundy face to face, then what makes him believe he can defeat the big men. Heenan then talks about the big match between WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan and The Heenan Family’s very own, Harley Race.

Bobby Heenan: “This Sunday, everyone will finally and I do mean finally, see the end of Hulkamania! It’s coming and I couldn’t be more excited then this in my entire life. Oh and there will be no “Mr. Wonderful” making the save, Hulk Hogan. The reason why is because King Kong Bundy is going to get his revenge by stomping his pretty little face in! Hogan, your going to bow down to the king this Sunday and your going to hand over that WWF World Heavyweight Championship to the real world champion, Harley Race!”

The #1 Contender, Harley Race receives the microphone from Bobby Heenan, who is displaying a big smile.

“The King” Harley Race: “Hulk Hogan, enough is enough when it comes to you running your mouth. Your going to learn to respect me, just like each and everyone of you in attendance and watching at home. You all respect Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan, but fail to even praise me. Well that’s all going to change here tonight and again this Sunday. Hoga, you say your here for a fight? So am I.

Finals, #1 Contender WWF World Tag Team Championship Tournament

Normal, Tag Team Match

Demolition Vs. The Can-Am Connection

Before the match began, The WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation made their way to ringside to watch the match.

Afterwards, the final match of the tag team tournament began with Demolition Ax and Rick Martel starting things off. This match was a clear indication that Demolition were worn out from their previous match earlier tonight against The British Bulldogs. This really worked in favor for the fan favorite duo of Rick Martel and Tom Zenk.

The offense was neat and steady by Martel and Zenk, as they made frequent tags and displayed a variety of moves. The crowd were really behind them and it showed for a fact once Demolition began to make a comeback. Martel rallied on with a comeback of his own against Smash and eventually, he locked in the Boston Crab. Demolition Ax attempted to break the hold, but Zenk was quick enough to make the save in time. Martel continued the hold until Smash made the decision to tap out.

The announce team quickly hyped up the fact that this Sunday, the winners of the tag team tournament, Can-Am Connection will face off against The Hart Foundation for the WWF World Tag Team Championships.

Winners: Can-Am Connection

Match Time: 5:33

Finish: Boston Crab by Martel on Smash leads to Submission.


Rick Martel and Tom Zenk are in the ring celebrating, as the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart enter the ring. The Hart Foundation raised the tag titles high up in the air, as they stood eye to eye with Martel and Zenk.

Hart then extended his hand to Martel and Zenk, who looked unsure whether to accept the handshake or not. Martel reached to accept and then Hart pulled his hand away from Martel’s. The Hart Foundation quickly took the swing at the new #1 contenders, by hitting them hard with the tag team championships.

Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart stood over their opponents that they’ll face this Sunday, as their manager, Jimmy Hart, shouts into his microphone putting over The Hart Foundation.


WWF President, Jack Tunney makes his way down to the ring and greets the fans in attendance and watching at home. Tunney informs the audience that he has indeed given the night off to Paul Ordnorff but that he will in fact be facing King Kong Bundy this Sunday, at WWF Free for All.

Tunney then changes the topic onto the on-going feud between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Tunney says that since Roberts and Savage have clearly shown they have blood among each other, he’s going to have them face off again this Sunday. Tunney adds that their upcoming rematch will ensure a winner, as it will be a 2 out of 3 Falls Count match.

Jack Tunney: “The past couple weeks, Randy Savage and Jake Roberts have been going at each other brawling and interfering in each other’s matches. Well, I think its time to say that enough is enough. Both men are going to settle their differences this Sunday, at our upcoming Free for All pay-per-view. To ensure we have a winner, it will officially be a 2 out of 3 falls count anywhere match! Goodluck to both of you gentlemen.”

Normal, Singles Match

Kamala Vs. Hulk Hogan

The WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan was in fact in for a fight and it wasn’t against The Heenan Family. Hogan went one on one against the super heavyweight, Kamala. Kamala put up a good fight against Hogan, in major part due to Hogan looking out for The Heenan Family. The distracted Hogan, eventually bounced back mid-way through the match and put Kamala down with the big leg drop.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Match Time: 7:37

Finish: Leg Drop by Hogan leads to Pin.


Typically after a big finish like the one he just had, Hulk Hogan would celebrate as all of his Hulkamaniacs would cheer him on. This would not be the case tonight, as the fans cheered for Hogan and his music continued to blast, Hogan was still awaiting The Heenan Family to come down to the ring.

Eventually, The Heenan Family arrived at the top of the ramp, as Hogan watched from down in the ring, looking eager to get his hands on any member. Heenan instructed his clients to go repeat the same thing they done to Hogan last week. Hogan was ready as the members of The Heenan Family approached the ring. Each member went on one side of the ring, as Hogan tried to keep his focus on every men.

Hercules entered the ring first, which prompted Hogan to hurry on the offense. King Kong Bundy and Harley Race soon entered the ring afterwards and helped join in on the attack. Hogan fought back with all that he had but the strength of all three men surely surpassed him. Heenan looked down on Hogan with a satisfied grin, while Race put his right foot on Hogan’s chest letting everyone get a clear image of what could come this Sunday. The show came to a close with one final shot of The Heenan Family standing over Hogan, as the announce team question whether this Sunday could be the end of Hulkamania.

TV Rating: 1.36 (1,024,000 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• While the storyline has many to believe Paul Orndorff was given the night off to prepare for this Sunday’s Free for All PPV, that is not the case. According to multiple sources, Paul Orndorff was actually at the event but was sent home due to being too high to perform. This may seem similar to you and if it does, its because it is. Orndorff was reportedly sent home last week and fined. This now makes it his 3rd time where he has been sent home and now many believe that he could soon fall from grace very soon. At a time, where Orndorff is in one of the top storylines, this is certainly not the time to mess up.

• The Honky Tonk Man was seen backstage doing soft drugs. Its being reported that he was fined for the incident and could possibly be on the sidelines for awhile.

• Haku was in a pre-show match against The Hart Foundation and during the match, Hogan gave his thoughts on the guy. Its believed that Hogan didn’t say anything positive and that he thinks he doesn’t connect with the fans.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #11

May 22nd, 1987

From the I Wireless Center in Moline, Illinois

Attendance: 11,534

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

A recap video is played of the recent WWF Superstars of Wrestling, in which The Heenan Family stood over Hulk Hogan two weeks in a row. (B, 77)

Noriyo Tateno and Leilani Kai went one on one, as both females looked to prove why they deserve to be next to face Velvet McIntyre. Kai came out victorious in 5:14 after performing a diving splash. (D, 45)

The Can-Am Connection, Rick Martel and Tom Zenk, tak about their upcoming WWF World Tag Team Championship match against The Hart Foundation. Jesse Ventura asks them whether or not they are ready, in which they respond with confidence. (C+, 70)

The Rockers looked to make another statement here in the WWF against The Dream Team, who were still having troubles getting things situated between themselves. The Rockers were able to pull through and achieve the pin in 6:20 after Beefcake and Valentine got into another argument. Michaels hit his finishing Sweet Chin Music kick on Brutus Beefcake to win. (C+, 66)

Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake get in each other’s faces again, as Johnny V does his absolute best to calm both men down. Valentine eventually grows tired of Beefcake’s apologies and attacks him with an elbow to the face. The strike left Beefcake down on the mat, as Valentine left the ring. Johnny V, was quite shocked but soon followed Greg out of the ring. (C, 61)

Backstage, Ted DiBiase alongside his new partner, Irwin R. Schyster (DiBiase refers to him as IRS) says that he has finally decided what his next move in the WWF is after defeating Tito Santana twice. DiBiase goes on to mention that he is saving the special announcement for this upcoming PPV, Free for All. (B-, 71)

The WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation, head to the ring before their match against The Young Stallions. Bret Hart takes to the mic and talks about how him and Jim Neidhart are confident in their chances of defeating The Can-Am Connection. Jimmy Hart was also there to hype up the tag champs, as Jesse Ventura was there to interview both Hart and Neidhart. (C, 65)

The Hart Foundation took on The Young Stallions, in what was a non-title match. The tag team champions showcased exactly why they are champions and let it be known that they wouldn’t be easy to defeat this Sunday at Free for All. Jim Neidhart finished the match off in 6:28 after performing an Anvil Flatnner. (C+, 69)

Butch Reed is backstage with his manager, Slick, in which they both hype up Reed’s upcoming rematch for the WWF Intercontinental Championship against Ricky Steamboat. Reed says that last time, Steamboat barely got past him and that this time, he will ensure Steamboat doesn’t get the best of him again. (B, 80)

Randy Savage went one on one against Koko B. Ware, in which Savage took control of the match, earning himself a little bit of momentum going into Free for All. Savage finished the match in 5:10 after performing a Flying Elbow Drop. (B-, 73)

Randy Savage cut a promo on his opponent this Sunday, Jake Roberts. Savage ensured Roberts that he is the better men and once their battle at Free for All concludes, he’ll go after his rematch for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. (A, 89)

A final video package is played hyping up the upcoming WWF pay-per-view, Free for All, that will happen this Sunday. The video features some of the bigger matches of the event including, Hogan versus Race, Orndorff versus Bundy, Savage versus Roberts, and Reed versus Steamboat. The video ends with Gene Okerlund informing fans to not miss out on this big PPV. (B, 81)

TV Rating: 0.48 (366,740 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Paul Orndorff was once again sent home tonight, when he showed up wasted on painkillers. This was now the 4th time that he has been sent home. Orndorff was once again fined and some sources believe that if Orndorff doesn’t impress at the upcoming PPV, he could be out of a job.

• Ricky Steamboat was backstage passing tips on how to perform on the microphone and teaching psychology to his proteges Mick Foley and Kim Chee.

• Davey Boy Smith has not been happy about his push as a midcard act. It’s being reported that Smith will begin being pushed as an upper-card talent now. Sources close believe that Smith could be on the horizon for a future singles run.

• Jake Roberts believes that Rick Martel is not charismatic enough to belong on the roster. He believes that management should fire him and hire someone who is better in that department.

• Hulk Hogan believes that Paul Roma doesn’t have the in-ring psychology to stay around and that he should be released.

• During the broadcast of Wrestling Challenge, Hulk Hogan took part in a interview in which he signaled himself out to be the only true star in the company. Word has it that Hogan’s comments have caused some tension backstage.

This Week’s News

Sunday, May 17th

• Scott Steiner shows off physique, in which he hopes the new muscularity is the start of a new golden period in his career.

• Hector Guerrero will be looking into changing his wrestling style, in hopes of achieving bigger success. He has made the transition from being a luchador to a regular wrestler.

Friday, May 22nd

• "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was seen on the red carpet last night to promote one of his new movie titled "Bodyslam". During an interview that night, Piper declined to answer questions about a potential return to the company but hinted that you never know exactly when "Hot-Rod" would show up.


WWF Free for All 1987 Match Card / Predictions

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: “King” Harley Race Vs. Hulk Hogan

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Butch Reed Vs. Ricky Steamboat

WWF World Tag Team Championships: The Can-Am Connection Vs. The Hart Foundation

2 Out Of 3 Falls Count: Jake Roberts Vs. Randy Savage

Paul Orndorff Vs. King Kong Bundy

(3 Pts) Match of the Night:

(3 Pts) How Many Championship Change Hands?

(6 Pts) Wild Guess Question: What will Ted DiBiase’s announcement be regarding his next move in the WWF?

Reminder: Every match is worth 2 points! This will be the final prediction scoreboard and the top three users will receive a prize. The new scoreboard will begin with next month’s PPV.
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