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Originally Posted by cappyboy View Post
Keep it coming, man. As if I hadn't felt Aten was cool enough before you had him using earth-based powers I haven't been able to figure out how to use to my satisfaction yet. And Herc being all these other epic strongmen so fits in with Herc was. Proud and even arrogant at times like a Samson or Gilgamesh yet extremely honorable at the same time. For him to tackle all these heroic deeds himself and yet be called different things by the locals would be vintage Hercules. Can't wait to see your take on The Round Table.
Thanks for the kind words, I'll continue to strive toward living up to yours and all the readers expectations. To give everyone a little sneak peek at a future issue, the one where the Knights of Avalon, not Camelot as mistakenly written, form I am going to release the names of the team members, each who will get an origin issue/tie in to the team up.

The Knights of Avalon

Celtic Stag
Dawn of the Dead
First Knight
Immortal Swordsman
Prester John the Magnificent
The Flashing Blade
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