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Originally Posted by SirMichaelJordan View Post
This would be helpful as this is how I book matches. I currently have multiple 1 vs 1 matches that are specific to brawl based, high spot, etc. It seem to me that those options should definitely go under match aims or road agent notes...
Unless I'm mistaken aren't those styles just the styles that will get a boost from the match? As in two high flyers with 0 hard-core won't put on a terrible barbed wire match, it's just if they were hard-core workers the match would be improved by being a barbed wire one.

So two technical wrestlers can still put on a technical classic in a cage, it's just that if they were brawlers the being in a cage is more likely to help the match.

I could be wrong though lol. But to me that's how it should be
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