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Default Rival Game!!!!

Week Seven
.:: Rival Game ::.

Week 1: Akron (L 24-19)
Week 2: At South Florida (L 48-6)
Week 3: At Central Florida (W 30-19)
Week 4: Florida International (W 20-9)
Week 5: Louisiana-Laf (W 31-7)
Week 6: Louisiana-Monroe (L 18-7)

Week 7: Troy
Week 8: At North Texas
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: At Arkansas State
Week 11: At Navy
Week 12: At Florida Atlantic
Week 13: Toledo ***
Week 14: Bye
Week 15: Bye

Week 7:

Troy at Geneva Bible

Coming into our Stadium, Troy had a lot to deal with in terms of crowds. Our crowd I still stand by, is one of the loudest crowds out there. Troy could barely hear themselves speak, let alone get their game plan together. We hit harder today then we've ever hit, we played harder than we ever played, and we left it all on the field like Coach told us to. This way if we lose, we know there's nothing we could have done differently.

RB Neil Ingram started off the first quarter with the only touchdown to be scored the entire game, running it in for a TD. Troy's kicker put up a 22 yarder, 28 yarder, and a 21 yarder collectively to end the 2nd half 9-7. We were able with 0:28 seconds left on the clock to hit the game winning field goal in the 4th quarter to bring us up 10-9 and to end the game.

QB L. Stevens went 8 for 21, for a measly 73 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 Interceptions, and 2 sacks. The pass defense was ready to play.

RB N. Ingram ran 37 times for 160 yards and 1 touchdown. He also was responsible for the only fumble of the game, and also captured the Player of the Game award, again.

Our Defense however, had 3 interceptions and 3 sacks.

And for the first time this entire season, our K L. Crooks not only missed a FG but missed 2 of them, going 1/3 in FG's. The pressure was felt by everyone.

OG Ellis Barnett is on his way to playing, and the doctors incredibly say it could just be a matter of weeks. FS Alfred Hines is at the same status, not sure if he'll be put in this week or wait a week. FB Charles Lopez wasn't played last week due to his head injury, and this week it looks to be the same result. SS Edward Reese will not be playing this week because of an Ankle Nerve Injury. He should be fine in a couple of weeks though.
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