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Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
Come on, Gambler, cheat, low-blow that dirty Texan back to Mexico! Give him a green ace card. (sorry, European here, not trying to be anything in the racist stuff)...
Konnan might be a negative influence in the locker room, but he is a pet project of Hulk Hogan. So he is groomed for success.

Originally Posted by Theheel View Post
Glad too see you back and I agree comeon Gambler, you need a TV title run
Thanks, it's been a quite busy month, since i've got a new job. I've worked on some helpful ideas on how to speed book WWF and ECW, but still in a effective and competitive way.

The Gambler is actually getting good, especially when it comes to performance skills. It would be awesome both storywise and when it comes to his developement if he could get one of the veterans as a mentor.

Eric Bischoff is trimming the roster during the spring, which means the will be more spotlight for The Gambler and The Hustler, once some of the current feuds are settled.
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