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Default Latest News from around the World

Latest News from around the World

The latest "Ultimate Surprise" news! With Hulk Hogan trying to recreate his Hulkamania peak, by bringing with him all of his old cronies and favourite foes like Jimmy Hart, Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, John Tenta, Brian Blair and many more, obviously he'd have loved to have added The Warrior to the mix too, but with WCW under pressure to keep their spending under control, he seems to be out of their price range.

Segments of the latest Monday Night Raw were filmed by "MTV Sports," hosted by Dan Cortese. During the episode, Cortese was shown training in the ring before the show with WWF World Champion Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, and Ricky Steamboat. Later in the show, Cortese was kicked out of the heel locker room after having a confrontation with Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, Jake Roberts and others.

Brian Adams known as Crush in WWF was arrested in his native Kona, Hawaii, on illegal drug possession and illegal handgun possession charges. A search of his home had turned up several illegal handguns, as well as large quantities of marijuana and anabolic steroids.

Business-wise, the Hulk Hogan vs. Vader feud has the potential to be the most successful in WCW's history so far. The buyrate for SuperBrawl V is reportedly just below the record-setting buyrates that the Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair angle did. A lot of fans despise Hulk Hogan and say he's killing the promotion, but numbers don't lie and the fact is, he's bringing in more money to WCW than they've ever had before. So expect WCW to do big business on the hyped feud when Hulk Hogan returns in September to settle the score with the "Rocky Mountain Monster". A WarGames match between Team Hogan vs. Vader w/ The Stud Stable could be a "Potential Money Maker".

Rob Van Dam previously known as Robbie V in WCW has been impressive working the recent AJPW tour and is expected to become a regular for that promotion soon. Van Dam is amazingly agile, a great high flyer and one of the best all round talents emerging on the U.S. indy scene.

In USWA, they're doing an angle with the real-life mothers of Tommy Rich and Wolfie D of PG-13. It looks to be leading to a match between the two moms. Tommy Rich's mom cut a great promo, saying that the best day of her life was when Tommy was born, but when Wolfie D's mother gave birth to her son, she was immediately arrested for littering.

At a recent indie show, a fan sprayed "The Homicidal Suicidal Genocidal Death-Defying Maniac" Sabu in the face with mace.

This spring may be the busiest in wrestling history in terms of major shows, with WCW's Uncensored, WWF's Wrestlemania 11, Inoki's North Korea show, UFC 5, AAA's TripleMania 3, NJPW's Fukuoka Dome show, and several other major shows in Japan and elsewhere all happening within the next several weeks. The North Korea shows will be 2 shows on consecutive nights and will likely break the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant All-Time attendance record.

Toys-R-Us has decided not to carry any WWF or WCW merchandise due to outside pressures from all the scandals that continue to plague the business.

Eric Bischoff is schedule to have a meeting with the head of K-1, the martial arts organization, to discuss a possible future PPV together. A event would most likely feature WCW stars such as Meng, Craig Pittman and Frank Andersson.

Erik Watts got a tryout as part of a tag team at the latest WWF tapings, because Jim Ross made it happen.

WWF World Heavyweight champion Bret Hart appeared on the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous this past weekend.

The latest on John Studd is that his cancer is in remission. He have two forms of cancer and will undergo a chemo and a bone marrow transplant.

GWF money woes! Fans can expect massive cutbacks in budget for Global Wrestling Federation as the excessive spending seems to have caught up with the promotion. The latest GWF show was ironically named "Close To The Edge" and might be the last one before the promotion folds, unless new investors decides to keep the promotion afloat.

Paul Alperstein's American Wrestling Federation is reported to be in financial ruin. Alperstein's running of the company has been called into question many times and his excessive spending seems to have caught up with him.

Vampiro, Mr. Gannosuke and Headhunter A began their second reign as FMW Six Man Street Fight Tag Team champions last night, when they took the titles back from Ichiro Yaguchi, Jason The Terrible and Leatherface in a match that some said crossed the line and was sickening in its brutality.

Bull Pain began his first reign as SMW Beat the Champ Television champion last night at Sunday Bloody Sunday, when he won the match against Scott Armstrong to decide a worthy champion for the previously vacant title. The title was vacated when the previous champion Brian Armstrong moved to WWF to become Jeff Jarrett's "Roadie".

Joshi wrestler Jaguar Yokota held a press conference last night announcing the formation of her own promotion Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. She revealed that she had big plans for the new company. The "Blood, Guts and Groceries" promotion follows in the footsteps of organisations such as Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and International Wrestling Association of Japan, who helped popularise a hard-hitting, violent and bloody style of wrestling known as the Deathmatch. These matches are usually weapon filled, using both "conventional" weapons (such as chairs and tables), as well as "extreme" weapons not usually seen in mainstream wrestling, and previously unused in wrestling at all.

Roland Alexander founds All Pro Wrestling. He held a press conference last night announcing the formation of his own promotion, APW based in Hayward, California that will feature a Nor-Cal Indy product. The stars of APW are Jeep Swenson, Manny Fernandez, Mark Youngblood and Todd Morton.

The vultures appear to be circling Dennis Coraluzzo's crisis-stricken NWA-NJ, who look set to release several wrestlers in the near future. Insiders say that the company's recent decline in fortunes means they need to cut back on expensive wrestlers if they are to survive, and the very top stars may be fired in the next week.

GAEA Japan officially opened in Japan, founded by Chigusa Nagayo. GAEA Japan is a Japanese Joshi promotion. GAEA's name comes from the Greek mythological goddess of the Earth, Gaea or Gaia.

AJPW saw a title change last night, as Mitsuo Momota lost the AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight title to Yoshinari Ogawa. This victory marks his first reign with the title. Mitsuo Momota managed seven successful title defences prior to this defeat.

New champion in All Japan! The vacant AJPW Triple Crown Championship was claimed last night, as Stan "The Lariat" Hansen became the new champion by defeating Akira Taue during the AJPW Deadlock Tour. This victory marks his fourth reign with the title. The title was recently vacated since The Warrior is "On Hiatus" and don't participate in the ongoing AJPW tour.

Last night saw NJPW complete the signing of WAR star Jado to a written contract, as they continue to bolster their roster. An official statement on their website indicated that fans will likely get their first view of the new signing at the next show.

SMW last night revealed in a short press release that Devon Storm had left the company. According to our sources, the split was because Jim Cornette is in an war with ECW owner Paul Heyman and Devon Storm did sign a exclusive PPV contract with ECW.

FMW saw a title change last night at the FMW Deadly Game Tour, as La Parka lost the FMW Independent World Jr. Heavyweight championship to Taka Michinoku. This victory marks his first reign with the title.

In a short statement on their website, WWF last night revealed that they had parted ways with "Captain" Lou Albano after his contract had expired. No further information was given, other than them wishing him well.

According to WWF insiders Tom Brandi known as Flip of The Bodydonnas recently got a lot of heat with the rest of the locker room after pulling a tastleless rib on everyone backstage.

El Gigante has confirmed that he has recently signed a contract with WAR, and will be part of their next tour as an "Special Attraction" in order to freshen up the roster and give the fans an extra reason to attend. El Gigante spent 1994 working for Jimmy Hart's and Greg Valentine's XWF promotion.

CMLL saw a title change last night at CMLL Super Viernes, as Brazo del Plata, Brazo del Oro and Mascarita Sagrada lost the CMLL World Trios Championship to Jaque Mate, Emilio Charles Jr. and Sangre Chicana. This victory marks their first reign with the titles. Brazo de Plata, Brazo de Oro and Mascarita Sagrada managed seven successful title defences prior to this defeat.

The Warlord has confirmed that he has recently signed a contract with UWFi, and will be part of their next tour in order to freshen up the roster and give the fans an extra reason to attend. The Warlord will also continue to work for AAA, UWA, MEWF and UWF.

WWF signs NFL star Steve "Mongo" McMichael to an development contract and he will be groomed in Heartland Wrestling Association. McMichaels is rumoured to be part of the ongoing feud between NFL star Lawrence Taylor and "The Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama that looks to be settled at WrestleMania XI.

The vacant SMW Tag Team titles were claimed last night at SMW Devil's Playground, as The Armstrongs (Steve and Scott) became the new champions after defeating Mark Starr and Jimmy Del Ray. The titles was previously vacated when ECW stole Brian Lee and Chris Candido from SMW.

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