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Default ECW Living Dangerously [March - 1995]

ECW Living Dangerously

Extreme Championship Wrestling held ECW Living Dangerously last night in front of 8,100 at Sun National Bank Arena in New Jersey. The feedback has been that the show was awesome despite the promotion missing several stars due to injuries and ongoing Japanese tours.

ECW continues showcasing exciting Mexican Luchadors, Japanese Juniors and North American Cruiserweights despite constantly being raided by World Championship Wrestling. In a fast-paced Three-Way Dance; Ultimo Guerrero defeated EZ Money and Takashi Okano.

The storyline between "Hardcore vs. Anti-Hardcore" proceeded as "The King of Old School" Steve Corino made hardcore worker Hack Myers submit to the Cobra Clutch and later ended up in a heated arguement with color commentator "The Hardcore Icon" Terry Funk that made the ECW fans almost go into a riot mood. Corino recently brough in Bobby Duncum Jr. and Joe Malenko as part of his "The School Of Tradition" stable. In the next match Joe Malenko defeated Mikey Whipwreck by submission with a Texas Cloverleaf.

The Eliminators defeated Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks and Bad Crew in a Three-Way Dance match when Saturn defeated Bad Crew #2 by pinfall with a Total Elimination.

In a storyline segment fan favorite "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert did eat a Chokeslam from 911 after a heated confrontation with Paul Heyman and his new Dangerous Alliance (911, Sabu and Rob Van Dam). Gilbert was kayfabe injured which makes him miss tonight's main event. The Sandman will replace Gilbert in the main event.

Newcomer and Triple Threat member Chris Candido defeated Devon Storm by pinfall with a Superplex.

Powerhouse duo The Pitbulls got their revenge and defeated newcomers The Dudley Boyz in a bloody and hard-hitting Street Fight match, when Pitbull #1 defeated D-von Dudley by pinfall with an Aided Superbomb. After the match, The Pitbulls puts The Dudleys through a table.

The ECW World TV title was on the line and champion Lucifer Payne defeated Crash The Terminator and Rob Van Dam in a Three-Way Dance match. when Lucifer Payne defeated Crash The Terminator by submission with a Fujiwara Armbar. The sinister tweener worker Lucifer Payne makes defence number 2 of his ECW World Television Championship title.

In "The Match of the Night" that had hard-hitting action and great heat, fan favorites Public Enemy defeated The Bruise Brothers in a Tables match. Public Enemy make defence number 3 of their ECW World Tag Team Championship titles.

In a tag team match Raven and his henchman The Killdozer for Hire defeated Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, when Raven defeated Stevie Richards by pinfall with an Evenflow DDT following interference by The Eliminators.

In the main event, Sabu defeated The Sandman and Shane Douglas in a Three-Way Dance match, when Sabu defeated The Sandman by pinfall with an Arabian Facebuster. Sabu makes defence number 12 of his ECW World Heavyweight Championship title.

The show ended with a Dangerous Alliance Promo with Paul Heyman insulting Eddie Gilbert and the ECW fans; while hyping his new main event calibre client that is yet to debut. The client is rumoured to be one of major free agents available.
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