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Default WCW Worldwide - [Friday / Week 2 /March / 1995]

These are the results from WCW Worldwide, being held by World Championship Wrestling.

Cruiserweight Match

Wild Pegasus vs. Super Liger

In a energetic Cruiserweight bout that had high-flying and fast-paced moves, Super Liger defeated Wild Pegasus in 8:04 by pinfall with a Liger Bomb.

Rating: 75 B-

Cruiserweight Division Vignette

The WCW Cruiserweight division offers fast paced adrenaline pumping show-stealing matches with high-risk maneuvers, amazing characters and stylish high flyers. WCW have some of the best athletes that implements various styles, as Lucha Libre, Japanese Junior Heavyweights, North American Cruiserweights and submission-based technicans.

Rating: 65 C

It's the return of "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart...

Barry Horowitz and Bobby Starr vs. The Super Assassins w/ Jimmy Hart

In a squash match, the masked "Five Moves of Doom" powerhouse duo known as The Super Assassins dominated and destroyed jobbers Barry Horowitz and Bobby Starr. It ended in 1:31 when they destroyed Bobby Starr with an Aided Powerbomb.

Rating: 46 D

Interview w/ The First Family

Mike Tenay had an interview with Jimmy Hart hyping his stable known as The First Family and his new clients The Super Assassins; two muscular power wrestlers with a combined weight of 593 lbs. Hart hypes Super Assassin #1 and Super Assassin #2 as serious contenders for the tag team titles.

Rating: 88 B+

Konnan vs. Julio Sanchez

In a bout that had decent wrestling and little heat, "The Mexican Hulk Hogan" Konnan defeated jobber Julio Sanchez in 5:25 by pinfall with a Montezuma's Revenge.

Rating: 52 D+

The Fantastics vs. Bad Attitude

Crowd's hot and the match has a ton of energy and rasslin' drama! This is clearly the best match of the night when the two old school tag teams collides. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) defeated Bad Attitude (Bobby Eaton and Steve Keirn) in 10:08 when Steve Keirn intentionally got counted out while fighting Bobby Fulton.

Rating: 80 B

DDP's Arm Wrestling Invitational

An in-ring segment in which Diamond Dallas Page, with the Diamond Doll, and his new bodyguard Max Muscle, appeared with DDP's Arm Wrestling Trophy.

Tonight Scott "Flash" Norton the winner of DDP’s Arm Wrestling Invitational gets a shot at arm wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page and the $100,000.

Prior to the match, DDP stated that he hurt his arm warming up and that Max Muscle will be his replacement.

Norton was clearly going to beat Max Muscle, but DDP kicked Norton’s legs from under him and Muscle won. Teddy Long and Norton's partner Ice Train did ran out and protested to Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel due to DDP interfering during the match. Bockwinkel orders that the arm wrestling match will be restarted.

In a intense arm wrestling match, Scott “Flash” Norton defeated bodybuilder Max Muscle and receives a check of $100,000 and celebrates together with Ice Train and Teddy Long.

DDP and Max Muscle are devastated. They can't believe their eyes.

Rating: 92 A

WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

The Armstrongs vs. The Stud Stable w/ Col. Parker

In a bout that had good wrestling and a good reaction from the crowd, The Stud Stable (Steve Williams, Terry Gordy and Kurasawa) defeated The Armstrongs (Brad Armstrong, Scott Armstrong and Steve Armstrong) in 8:26 when Terry Gordy defeated Scott Armstrong by pinfall with a Powerbomb. Kurasawa and Miracle Violence Connection make defence number 2 of their WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship titles.

Rating: 74 B-

Show Rating 68 C+

Comments: It's "The Ultimate Surprise"

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