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Originally Posted by shawn_waters View Post
Caught up on this over the past few days and boy oh boy is this a nice read. I always love the little unexpected success stories, so Riley and the graduates getting featured so heavily and performing so well is a nice touch. I was way too excited for Riley's turn and I'm excited to see where it leads. I would've liked to see if you could have gotten him a bigger, better deal somewhere, but also, not knowing is probably better than the potential disappointment.

I really dig the writing style as well. I've tossed up doing my own diary and it's very similar to how I'd write things, more narrative/behind the scenes stuff and abridged results. I'd always rather that over long match write ups and word for word promos tbh. Keen to keep following.
It's nice to have you aboard, Shawn! I also love the unexpected success stories. Originally, I was not going to make Riley loyal and just roll the dice. Audience feedback and their love of him made me decide he was going to stay. Everyone else could leave at any time.

I'm glad you're liking heel Riley. He's been a lot of fun. I definitely enjoy the way I'm doing the diary -- I mean heck, I'm something like sixty-six shows in in a little over two months of time -- I must like it!
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