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Default November 2002: Calgary Stampede Wrap-up

In our post-show meeting, I praised Rey and Corino for their spectacular main event. I also singled out Scott Steiner for doing such a great job and not phoning it in during his mid-card tag match.

I was really pleased with the show as a whole. It was right on par with Great American Bash and Bash at the Beach earlier in the year as our best PPV shows. Hopefully we can at least reach this level next month at Starrcade, if not do even better.

This show set up our two big matches at Starrcade: Rey challenging Booker for the World title, and the fourth (and final) showdown between the Hardys and True Heroes over the tag titles. Traditionally the Rey/Booker match would be the automatic main event for the biggest show of the year, but I'm considering putting the tag team match in that spot. These same pairings were featured at Bash at the Beach. I put the tag match on last there and they were ever so slightly outperformed by Booker and Rey, but that was mostly because I told them to work an all-out pace for too long. Another error on my part hurt the third Hardys/Heroes match, but I think we've worked out the kinks now and they should be able to have a blow away match.

Booker told me he's been watching Tony Mamaluke on house shows and is impressed by his in-ring improvement, while Scott Steiner thinks Mike Sanders isn't charismatic. He's got more charisma than in-ring ability, but it's not like I'm featuring him at all. He's just a guy.

WWE held Survivor Series tonight as well. They were over in Japan, as they have been all month (maybe because we're breathing down their necks over there?) The main event and match of the night was Kurt Angle retaining the ECW title against Chris Jericho in a classic match. That match was better than anything on our show (even our own great main event), but this was the very definition of a one match show. The next best match was Juventud Guerrera and Jerry Lynn working to a no contest with Juvi's Light Heavyweight title on the line, and that would've been maybe the fifth or sixth best match on our show. On the whole, there was no clear winner between the two shows in terms of quality. WWE champion Eddie Guerrero did not wrestle on the show, only appearing in a brawl with Benoit and Triple H. I have to think they've got a title unification match planned, maybe at Mania.

New Japan must have felt their costs were getting out of hand, because they just laid off a large number of workers, including some notable stars, excellent workers and promising young lions. Here's the complete list:

Brian Johnston
Heavy Metal
Jinsei Shinzaki
Katsuyori Shibata
Kendo Kashin
Michiyoshi Ohara
Mr. Gannosuke
Negro Casas
Rob Rage
Scott Norton
Shinsuke Nakamura
Sumo Fuji
Tadao Yasuda
Takashi Uwano
Tatsutoshi Goto

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 12 points):

evileddie10: 11
BHK6: 11

2Sweet: 10

Uncrewed: 9
K-Nection: 9
Kijar: 9
sportsfanmas: 9
tg01: 9

bonnie: 8
Satyr24: 8
deanohbk: 8
DavidCorperial: 8
jscotty: 8
Wolfman84: 8

Warhawk8492: 7
Happy0wns: 7
smw88: 7
Dead_Jester: 7
GnarlsFunk: 7
Rateddc: 7
DiamondKnucklez: 7
odan: 7
crackerjack: 7
Cro Cop Rules: 7

DGenerationMC: 6
Ian carlisle: 6
Nobby_McDonald: 6
Beejus: 6
GingeyOne: 6

michgcs: 5
chrismday: 5
Danny_H22: 5

KnowYourEnemy: 4
Current Standings in UFS Prediction Contest after 5 shows:

Uncrewed: 50

Warhawk8492: 48

bonnie: 46
Satyr24: 46
evileddie10: 46

deanohbk: 45

BHK6: 44

Dead_Jester: 43
GnarlsFunk: 43
sportsfanmas: 43
jscotty: 43

crackerjack: 42
odan: 42
K-Nection: 42

smw88: 41
Happy0wns: 41

Ian carlisle: 39
Wolfman84: 39

chrismday: 38
DGenerationMC: 38
Rateddc: 38

Beejus: 37

michgcs: 35

Nobby_McDonald: 32
Cro Cop Rules: 32
Kijar: 32

LordofGustav: 30

cbacon87: 29
Purotastic: 29
Danny H22: 29

tg01: 28

SIser187: 26

DavidCorperial: 24
2Sweet: 24

GingeyOne: 23

shawn michaels 82: 22

The Lariat: 20

KnowYourEnemy: 19

franticloser: 18

Jackets: 15

DiamondKnucklez: 13

Gravyb0y: 11

Crossface: 10

Greggyb: 9
Briskout: 9

smartman: 8
Destiny: 8
Stu Hart Classic Predictions: (maximum possible: 33)

DavidCorperial: 30 (32:17)

Dead_Jester: 30 (26:34)
GingeyOne: 30 (27:23)

DGenerationMC: 29
odan: 29
tg01: 29

evileddie10: 28
Happy0wns: 28
Rateddc: 28
BHK6: 28
Cro Cop Rules: 28
Jackets: 28

K-Nection: 27
crackerjack: 27
GnarlsFunk: 27

Satyr24: 26
deanohbk: 26
bonnie: 26

Uncrewed: 25

Ian carlisle: 24
jscotty: 24
cbacon87: 24

2Sweet: 23
chrismday: 23
Warhawk8492: 23
Wolfman84: 23
Beejus: 23
Danny_H22: 23

michgcs: 22

smw88: 21
LordofGustav: 21

DiamondKnucklez: 20

RyanR93WKU: 19

KnowYourEnemy: 17

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Loved this show! I swear if I ever won the lottery I would seek you out to book my wrestling company . I don't want to say any spoilers so I'll leave it at that.

Blah.....I missed one match on those predictions! I was hoping to bat a 1.000 on that show to put me back in the running but I don't think I have enough points though.
I'll be waiting.

You're very much in the running. Right now you're one point behind several people who are tied for 8th place. Starrcade will be a big show, plus don't forget about the potential three point bonus for anyone who picked Rey as the next world champion.

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
Great show with several surprising results.

And kudos on getting an Eagles tune as the theme song.
It's a bit different from the songs I usually use, but I thought it fit the theme of this particular PPV well.

Originally Posted by DiamondKnucklez View Post
Awesome show here man! Really enjoyed it, the battle between Misterio &
Corino was tremendous. After what all transpired here, I absolutely cannot wait for Starcade 2002. Btw, really like how you went Japan for the event in 2001 and now Australlia for 2002. I think that's a neat way to give fans out of the US, a special treat by giving them the original, biggest event of the year. Also, liked how you used an Eagles song!
It doesn't hurt that I'll draw a bigger crowd in Australia than I currently could anywhere else.
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