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Originally Posted by Bigpapa42 View Post
-renaming workers. I often emulate the ThunderVerse and put "Ref' in front of every referee, which groups them and makes them less likely to be picked accidentally - so many of us have picked John Cone instead of John Cena at some point. You can also rename workers to include a nickname in quotations - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would be at the top, while Steve Austin would be buried in the list.
Good tip, I literally just had a ref in a bikini contest not 5 minutes ago. I just had a brain fart and thought Francis Long was one of the females on my roster (he won if you were wondering.)

But I'd love the faster booking to be a focus of game development.

1 - I'd like to quick add a post match attack, pre-match interview, special entrance etc when I'm booking a match.

2 - I wish I could be the "Head/Chief Booker", set the feuds, set the turns, the guys to push, and leave the more sophisticated assistant booker to book TV so I can get to events quicker, which I love booking.

Like the OP I love long saves, I got to 2035 or something in WMMA3 (don't forget you start in about 2000 give or take in that game, but you can do than when you have 12 to 24 events a year and no angles to think about.

(Sorry, this may be in the wrong section of the forum in some respects.)
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