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Originally Posted by BiffJordan View Post
I'm confused about match aim's... I feel its quite complicated and would like clarification.

Let's take TCW for example. You are required to have one "storytelling" match aim per show. In previous versions of the game is was are very bad idea to use "keep strong, protect, or dominate" in a main event spot. It could seriously hurt the entire show.

I have Marat Khokluv signed to TCW. He sucks pretty much but can have a good match when paired with the right person and using "protect", would it be a wise move to make all of his matches "storytelling" as well?
Heeeelllll nawww. Khoklov couldn't tell a good story if he was reading it from a book. To tell a good story, you need psychology first and foremost (and charisma, another thing Khoklov lacks). Maybe if he was in the ring with Brent Hill, he might get carried to something watchable, but it's not the note I'd use.

What are the perks and negatives to "storytelling", does this make for a good main event? What are the literal in game changes that occur when using "storytelling"?
Storytelling means you're going out to try to tell a story. They don't generally make great PPV main events. It's best for workers, like aforementioned Brent Hill, who are never going to set the world on fire with their top row skills, but know what they're doing with their performance stats (charisma doesn't hurt either). Eddie Chandler is another example of a good storyteller. Workers with high performance stats but not fantastic top row stats, who can get the crowd invested through psychology and charisma rather than flashy moves and high-energy brawls.

A match like Dave Diamond vs. Brent Hill for instance would more often do better as a story telling match than trying to steal the show. The TCW roster is full of such guys.

Also, "Technical Masterclass" ... I used this in a main event with workers that fit the criteria and got a shitty rating saying that this type of match was a bad idea for hot crowd. I used it in the main event. So before running this match aim, should I have a "calm the crowd" match? Are there any other match aims that "calm the crowd"? Does "calm the crowd" mean you are going to get a lesser match rating? Should I use "work the crowd" right after a "Technical Masterclass"?
You don't usually want a technical masterclass in the main event. These matches are designed to keep the crowd interested without overdoing it. If you have capable workers, they're great in the pre-main event slot. Your main event should usually be a fantastic, all-out barnstormer, not a slow, methodical chess match (even if your product is designed for such matches. Remember aims modify the default match in your product. If your matches are already slow, methodical chess matches because you're a Pure fed, you don't want your main event to be an even more slow, methodical one). This is the kind of note that's great if you've got two main event quality matches on a PPV and one of them happens to be between two good technical workers.

The quintessential technical masterclass, IMO, was Angle/Benoit at the 2003 Royal Rumble. A fantastically worked technical exhibition, right between the world title match everyone knew was going to suck, and the Royal Rumble which is an hour long. The last thing you want for an hour long match is the crowd to already be burned out, which would probably have happened if you told Angle and Benoit to go all out. So that fitted in perfectly, picking up the pieces from HHH/Steiner, and setting up for the spectacle that is the Rumble match. EDIT: I didn't mean that literally! Must choose words more carefully. Please don't literally book a 60 minute battle royale as a spectacle.

"Mayhem", does this make for a poor main event? The note says this is good to get the crowd hot for matches later on the card.
Indeed, a Mayhem match would make a poor main event. For a start, it directly tells you in the description that it limits the potential quality of the match - not something you want in your main event. These are good warm-up matches for early on in the show, and for hiding your Killer Shark in. I mean, er...

"Steal the show", are these matches still best around the 15 minute mark, unless the worker has like 85+ stamina?
Aye, they use the all out match note, so anything over 15 minutes is going to need decent stamina. You can probably get away with 18-20 with most workers unless they stand out as having poor stamina, but any more than that you'll be needing B+/A.

"Spectacle" what are the perks of using this very "regular" or any other match aim.
Spectacles are basically main event story telling matches (note: they don't HAVE to be main events, I just mean main event calibre). They're your Undertaker Wrestlemania matches, matches where the workers involved are very popular and have great performance skills, but not so great on the top row so you're worried they won't be able to handle stealing the show. As the note says, suitable workers in the right circumstances can put on a match way above their normal level (I've booked an A* spectacle involving a 47-year old Enygma, of all people. His TV matches in the feud leading up to that struggled to hit B).

Personally, I only use the match aims that my product demands I have, and at most 1 or 2 others. I only ever use Steal the Show and below for PPV main events (unless Steal the Show is demanded by my product of course in which case TV main events too), unless there's a good reason for it (that Engyma match I mentioned earlier annoyed me quite a bit, because it was my semi-main and completely overshadowed the comparatively lackluster main event ).

Originally Posted by vince123 View Post
Quick question but can the announcing skill increase?

if seen the colour skill increase but not announcing.
and if yes how and what is the best way to increase it?
It does increase. Like all stats, it increases through use. Ie, you need to be actually pushed as an announcer. You won't improve as an announcer by working as a colour commentator.
You don't NEED to be working shows to improve, it's assumed that you find other indy work if you're unemployed, but it obviously speeds up the process. Youth also helps, as with all stats (except stuff like Respect obviously), but the scale is different. You don't stop gaining announcing skill at anywhere near the same peak as in-ring skills, because that'd be silly.

Remmington's improvement doesn't look that impressive there, but he starts at 64, so...

Originally Posted by Bluestillidie00 View Post
Are Women handicapped for having a specific decision this year?
Er... no? They never have been? Not sure I understand the question (even assuming you meant division, not decision).

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