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- They ran an angle with Vader chasing off Rock to open. Outlaws over New Blackjacks in a Tag Title defence. HHH over Skull. Goldust/Bob Holly no contest. Segment backstage with Shawn being interviewed by Sunny. Shawn was acting as you'd expect him to act around Sunny. People can say what they want, but man, I'd love to have someone that smug and dislikable to play with. The heat he'd get here, boy oh boy. Steve Blackman over Kurrgan, I guess they're bored with him. Main event, Undertaker over Jarrett, good match.

- 8-Ball beat Jose Estrada. Thrasher, Christopher and Savio got caught up in a brawl somehow. Mosh over Henry Godwinn by count-out. Blackjack Windham over The Sultan, who is still a thing.

- They've begun the hype for Bret coming in, showing Luger and Alex Wright talking about being excited to see him backstage. Benoit/Wrath no finish. Newly babyface (again) Konnan over Kidman. Speaking of turns, they had Piper beat Johnny Grunge and Piper's "tired of being overlooked". If they put him in an NWO shirt, I don't know what they're thinking. Segment with Sting and Hogan, strong but took forever. Nash beat Ernest Miller. Main event, shock to end all shock, didn't have a clean finish. Luger and Hall no contest when a bunch of guys ran in.

- Lenny Lane/Alex Wright dance-off. Public Enemy over Silver King and El Dandy. They carried on the hype for Bret, with Kimberly Page and Bischoff cutting promos about him. Hammer double DQ with Rey. Juvi over Ultimo main event.

December 6, 1997
ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA

ECW's latest Arena offering opened with Al Snow making his way to the ring for the opening match of the night, alone, except in his own mind. And while Al and Head made their way out, we would... head... up to Joey at the announce position.

Joey: "Hello everyone and welcome to the ECW Arena, here, in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... where tonight, ECW will prove why we are... Better Than Ever. And making his way to the ring at this time, a man who's mental state is... well, maybe worse than it's ever been, Al Snow, along with... 'The Head'. Sometimes, I wonder, did I really just say that sentence... but, no, somehow, that is accurate."


Al Snow -vs- Paul Diamond w/Chastity

Al seemed typically pre-occupied with Head, managing to hold a 'conversation' with the inanimate object on the way to the ring and whilst he ensured Head had a good vantage point under the turnbuckles to watch the match. The veteran Diamond had no time for these sort of shenanigans though, jumping Snow as he talked things over with Head in the corner.

Diamond would wear Snow down for much of the match with a methodical attack, with Chastity giving as good as she got from the crowd on the floor. Snow, weirdly, would spend every pause in Diamond's offence looking for inspiration from the Head. Strange. And, yet, somehow, it seemed to work. Whatever 'advice' he got, it was enough to spur Snow into fighting back into the match late on, fending Diamond off with some unorthodox strikes. A thrust kick dazed Diamond long enough for Al to retrieve Head, but the official warned Al not to use it and gave Diamond a chance to strike. Al would be whipped into the corner, but kept a hold of Head. And after a missed corner charge, Diamond took a shot from Head, right to the breadbasket. The Snow Plow then followed and Al picked up the win, with a little help from his 'spiritual advisor'.

Winner: Al Snow, by pinfall, in 8:25


Joey would head to the ring to offically welcome the crowd to the show, before bringing to the ring the man who pulled up another big upset win at November 2 Remember, Mikey Whipwreck.

As Joey would point out, Mikey was the man to finally put an end to the undefeated streak and finally shut the mouth of Justin Credible. He said nobody had given Mikey much hope, given how impressive Credible had been since coming to ECW, defeating the likes of "Dynamic" Jerry Lynn, Tommy Rogers and The Great Sasuke, but once again, "Mikey did it". Mikey didn't get chance to say much about it, beginning what appeared to be a humble speech, before he would be interrupted by the voice of a distinctly pissed-off looking Justin Credible, flanked by the self proclaimed Sexiest Man In The World, Jason.

Credible: "Everybody in this building knows that what happened at November To Remember was nothing more than a fluke! I've beaten everybody who's gotten in my way... and YOU? YOU really think that you're better than Justin Credible? Mikey Whipwreck, you're nothing but a JOKE!"

Credible would proclaim himself so confident that Mikey couldn't beat him again that he was going to challenge him to a rematch, to prove that it was nothing more than a fluke and he couldn't pin his shoulders to the mat for a count of three ever again. Mikey would grab the mic at this point and make it clear he wasn't afraid of Justin, or Jason. He'd beat Justin again and he'd finally do everyone a favour and teach him some humilility. It seemed like Justin was ready to go now, despite Joey's protestations that "this isn't on the run sheet, we can't do this now!" Credible wasn't listening though, as was busy removing his shirt and handing it to Jason. Mikey would suddenly pounce however and rolled an unsuspecting Justin up.

Joey: "One! Two! THREE! HE GOT HIM!"

Credible 'kicked out' moments after Joey's admittedly slightly fast count and looked aghast, as Mikey was exiting with a big smile on his face, holding up two fingers to denote that he'd now 'pinned' Justin twice. Credible pitched a fit in the ring at being embarrassed again, as Jason tried in vain to calm his man down and point out that this wasn't a match and it didn't count. It didn't seem much consolation to Justin though, as he was mocked by the fans all the same.



The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers) (c) w/Tommy Rich -vs- Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten -vs- Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon w/Lance Wright

The FBI once again retained the Tag Team Titles controversially at November To Remember, thanks to crooked referee, Jeff Jones. Balls and Axl were out to right that wrong, but once again had somebody else to deal with besides the quasi-Italians, as the WWF's very own Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon found their way into the match as well.

This was all Balls and Axl early on, as they dealt with the FBI, then fended off Furnas and LaFon once they decided to get involved. Lance Wright seemed content to have his Stamford assets stay out of the way for the mostpart, letting Balls and Axl bounce around Guido and Smothers instead. When Balls finally tried to introduce some chairs though, a blind-side attack from Furnas and LaFon put pay to it. Furnas and LaFon's decision not to pair up with the FBI and keep the match every team for themselves was probably not wise, as it let the Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks back into the match and seemingly spelled the end, as Balls wieled his trusty chair, ready to lay out LaFon. That was until Jeff Jones ran out and started screaming at Balls from the apron.

Joey: "Get this idiot out of here! He's not fit to call a cab, let alone a wrestling match!"

The distraction worked, as Balls dragged Jones into the ring. The crowd were ready to see Jones get his, but instead, Balls got his... well, Balls, tested, by a big low blow from LaFon. Furnas capitalised with a saito suplex and made the cover, with Jones shoving down referee John Finnegan and springing into action to make the count. Not 3 seconds later, closer to barely 1 and a half seconds later, we had new Tag Team Champions.

Joey: "Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten have been screwed again, by that damn Jeff Jones! And because of him, that incompetent moron, the ECW Tag Team Championships, are now in the hands of the World Wrestling Federation!"

Winners and NEW ECW Tag Team Champions: Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon, by pinfall, in 12:16


Chris Candido w/Lance Storm -vs- Jerry Lynn w/Tommy Rogers

At November To Remember, it was scheduled to be Chris Candido taking on Tommy Rogers in one on one action, but saw the interjection of each man's tag team partner to spark an impromptu two on two battle. Here, Storm and Rogers would be in the corner of their respective partner, but with their own match scheduled later on, there would presumably be no repeat of last month's PPV.

Candido didn't seem prepared for what "Dynamic" Jerry Lynn brought to the table here and appeared to take the upstart lightly, resulting in a rough start for the Triple Threat member. Candido would be forced to the floor to regroup and looked stunned that he'd just been given the run-around. A little stalling outside worked wonders though, as Candido broke up Lynn's momentum and came back with a better strategy. Lynn would still give Candido all he could handle, resulting in a back and forth contest where Candido struggled to keep Lynn under wraps for too long. The young veteran's wily ways would be enough to find a way to win however, as during an exchange of counter wrestling, Candido would turn a backdrop into a sunset flip style takedown and stacked Lynn up, long enough to eek out a pin.

Winner: Chris Candido, by pinfall, in 7:51

Lance Storm w/Chris Candido -vs- Tommy Rogers w/Jerry Lynn

The two partners would waste little time in picking up where their team-mates had left off, as Lance made a quick start by jumping Rogers while he commiserated with Lynn, meaning our second match was on. Candido seemed a lot more smug about things having sneaked out his win and encouraged Lance to "make me proud", as he tried to press home his early advantage on Rogers. The jump-start certainly put the veteran Fantastic on the back-foot, but he hung in and when he started to find his way back into the match, Candido was looking less and less confident in the Triple Threat's prospect. As Rogers started to build momentum, Candido decided he'd seen enough and hopped onto the apron, encouraging Lance to "get up and fight already". Rogers didn't take too kindly to Candido's cheerleading and grabbed a hold of him, turning his back to his opponent.

Rogers has been around the block enough times to be on his toes though and as Storm tried to nail him from behind, a quick sidestep resulted in Lance knocking Candido to the floor. Shocked, Lance turned around into a body slam. Rogers then scaled to the top and connected with a missile dropkick to Lance, picking up the win to even up the score between the two teams.

Winner: Tommy Rogers, by pinfall, in 6:13

Lynn and Rogers would leave, having got the last laugh, certainly more happy with the shared wins than their opponents were. Candido gave his young 'prospect' a tongue-lashing after the match and while Lance tried to plead his case, the sore jaw Candido was nursing meant he wasn't particularly forgiving as the two argued in the ring.



With obvious reluctance, Joey would welcome everyone back to the show by bringing Stevie Richards to the ring. Stevie was all smiles on his way out and he's annoying at the best of times, but in a great mood, he's even worse. Joey wasn't in the mood for Stevie's joviality and the way he casually greeted Joey, immediately grilling him about why he interfered in Tommy Dreamer's match with Rob Van Dam at November To Remember and if he'd finally lost what there was of his mind to begin with. Stevie, far from being insulted, laughed this off, skirting around the issue somewhat and instead talking about how superstars do what superstars want.

Stevie: "If anything, Tommy Dreamer should be honoured. I mean, it's not every day that a guy like Tommy gets to share the ring with a true superstar like me now is it Joey?"

Joey: "Superstar!? You spent three months getting slapped on national TV! You were a glorified lackey!"

Even this failed to break Stevie though, almost as if he was bound and determined not to let anybody spoil his good mood. He just laughed, patted Joey on the shoulder and said he didn't expect him to understand. But that's okay, he didn't expect anyone to understand, but he wouldn't hold that against them and he'd still be the superstar they needed him to be.


Stevie Richards -vs- Chris Chetti

"The Superstar" probably figured he had an easy night on his hands, going up against one of ECW's youngest talents in Chris Chetti. He certainly seemed pretty confident, as he enjoyed some rare dominance in a match and lauded it over the crowd at every opportunity. Chetti has some fire though and he caught Richards cold, looking like he might mount a fightback and maybe even pull off a huge upset. Richards caught Chetti coming off the top with a clothesline though and pulled himself back together. A Stevie Kick later and Richards made sure, cinching Chetti up tight for the pin.

Winner: Stevie Richards, by pinfall, in 5:34


The Dudley Boys (Buh Buh Ray, D-Von and Big Dick Dudley) w/Sign Guy Dudley and Chubby Dudley -vs- Spike Dudley and The Gangstanators (New Jack and John Kronus)

This was the exactly the kind of chaos you would expect from these six men, a wild, weapon filled brawl that went around the arena. New Jack and Kronus spent some time fighting Big Dick and D-Von into the crowd, leaving Buh Buh to take care of what came closest to consituting 'wrestling' with little half-brother Spike. Spike actually fared well, despite the size difference, managing to hit some big moves to big Buh Buh before the match became a melee again. In amongst the chaos, Big Dick no-sold a guitar shot, Spike was put through a table, New Jack sent D-Von into convulsions with the classic, greco-roman 'vacuum cleaner into a stop sign into the balls' and Buh Buh would finally end the madness, with a powerbomb to Kronus onto the very same stop sign to earn a win for the Dudley clan.

Winners: The Dudley Boys, via pinfall, in 10:41


Taz -vs- Pitbull #1 w/Pitbull #2 and Lance Wright

The World Television Champion would make light work of the former Tag Champion, who acted as Taz's suplex dummy for the evening. Despite the encoragement of his tag team partner, Pitbull never stood a chance and it was academic by the time Taz finally chose to choke him out with the Katahajime.

Winner: Taz, by submission, in 3:19

Looking for revenge, Pitbull #2 would recieve just a T-Bone Tazplex for his troubles, as Taz had left both of the ECW mainstays laying. Grabbing a microphone, Taz would then turn his attentions to Lance Wright, with whom he'd had a run-in with at November To Remember.

Taz: "Any time... any place... anywhere.. if you've got the balls, you bring that jacked up, musclehead freak you call a bodyguard and I'll be happy to choke his ass out, just like all the rest!"

Wright showed concern, backing away from the ring, looking like he had no intentions of answering Taz's challenge on behalf of his man.



The main event would be up next and we would get the full, iconic Sandman entrance for the match, with Tommy Dreamer and Beulah joining Sandman.


Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman w/Beulah McGillicutty -vs- Rob Van Dam and Sabu w/Bill Alfonso

The main event saw two long-standing rivalries yet to be truly settled. November To Remember saw Tommy Dreamer suffer the indignity of being buried under the flag of the World Wrestling Federation by Rob Van Dam, with more than a little help from Doug Furnas, Phil LaFon, referee Jeff Jones and the returning turncoat Stevie Richards. November To Remember also saw the latest chapter in the running feud between The Sandman and Sabu, as Sandman would rescue Dreamer and Beulah after Dreamer's match, before Sabu would go on to defeat Sandman in a chaotic tables and ladders match. The two rivalries had only grown stronger though and now, Dreamer and Sandman were out for revenge.

It was no surprise then that the rulebook was thrown out for this one. While not officially a tornado tag team match, it really wasn't worth the official's effort even trying to keep this one under control. Sandman would reintroduce the ladder from N2R into the equation pretty soon into the match and Dreamer and Van Dam were soon out into the crowd exchanging punches and chair shots, with Dreamer's ankle holding up pretty well. It was rare that Sabu and Van Dam were able to use their tag team ability, with the match so uncontrolled. Whenever they did, it gave them the advantage, but pretty soon one or the other was dragged off somewhere else to brawl, the heat between the four hard to keep under wraps.

Eventually, it was left to Dreamer and Van Dam in the ring, after Sabu and Sandman had gone through table number two of the night at ringside. With Dreamer setting up for the DDT though, who should arrive, but new Tag Team Champions Furnas and LaFon. The champions didn't make as much of an impact as they'd hoped with Dreamer able to fend them off, before ducking an attempted chair throw by Van Dam and spiking him with the DDT after all. Dreamer made the mistake of posing too soon though, not realising that Stevie Richards was lurking in the corner, ready to strike with a Stevie Kick.

Joey: "Stevie Richards strikes again! Damnit!"

On cue, Sabu would return to the ring, setting up a chair next to Dreamer. A triple jump moonsault, on top of the Stevie Kick, enough for Sabu to pick up the win over Tommy, as another win from had been stolen away from ECW's own.

Winners: Rob Van Dam and Sabu, by pinfall, in 18:12



- Al is starting to find his way with his gimmick.

- We tried to present Diamond as a no-nonsense, Grizzled Veteran. Maybe our crowds weren't big AWA watchers, as it didn't really get over. Paul did okay though and the crowd were still into the match.

- Crowd loved seeing Justin humiliated. Having Jason around helps Justin's act as well.

- We might need to do something with Smothers and Rich, their gimmicks aren't really working right now. I still get a kick out of the fake Italian schtick though. Maybe it's just the way they were being presented that's the problem, having a comedy team hold the belts creates it's own issue.

- I feel like Furnas in particular benefits from having a manager, Wright isn't the best but I still think it works. Balls and Doug did pretty well in the match and Tracy stood out trying to brawl with the good guys.

- Even though we specifically put Tommy and Jerry together to get some rub for Jerry, I thought he did a better job managing Tommy than the other way around. Something about it just clicked. We might need to tweak Tommy's act a bit too though.

- Chetti's got a long way to go. The potential's there. He did a way better job laying in his strikes and looked far more comfortable coming off the top than he has previously.

- Boy, South Philadelphia HATES Big Dick. Nothing like a good crowd brawl to get people going. Except, the one thing that stood out, to me, was Buh Buh's in-ring...

- Taz stepped it up, in and out of the ring. Let's face it, he's head and shoulders above this feud we've had him in and he's ready to get back to bigger things soon enough. Like I said earlier, Lance really isn't the best.

- Beulah was asked to go out and just be a Babe. Fair to say, she delivered.

- The main event really didn't turn out like I'd hoped. The guys tried their best, the match certainly didn't stink, Dreamer and Sandman took their brawling up a notch and Rob really stood out. Something just didn't feel right though. I don't think Rob or Sabu really got to show their stuff like they can, with the chaotic nature of the match. If nothing else, tonight really gave me some food for thought...

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