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a quick update:
The roster descriptions has been updated and now consists of El Generico, be sure to check that post out whenever Stampede signs a new name! (and btw, there may be a few more coming...)

Stampede Best There Is 1 will go up later tonight, and I can tell you I'm very proud of what I have for the first of the trilogy.

Another note, Best There Ever Will Be is gonna serve as the "Season Finale" of Stampede, it will feature the most must see match ups, and I think everyone can guess the main event already.

Last, but certainly NOT least, a massive thanks to smw88 for creating the logos for all 3 events plus providing a template for me to use with my inferior photoshop skills .
If you haven't seen the logo yet, you'll have to wait for the show itself, but here's the template as a sweetner!

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