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Default Saturday, Week 4, May 2018 - LIVE! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Stampede Wrestling Presents 'Best There Is I', LIVE! From The Stampede Corral, Calgary, Alberta Canada
The Show starts with a video recapping some of the feuds and matches we're going to see tonight

Rating: 32/E+

Owen Hart Enters The Ring To A Big Applause:
WELCOME! To the FIRST ever Best There Is!
This is a monumental occasion for us here at Stampede Wrestling, and we would like to thank all of those who chose to arrive here tonight!
Now I don't want to waste too much time, because we have a packed card here tonight, and much like anyone here at The Stampede Corral or watching this from the comfort of their couch on the WWE Network, I'm excited to see the matches unfold.
So I'll make this short and sweet:
Let me welcome The One And Only...

KING RICOCHET! *Huge Pop To The NXT Star*

Rating: 66/C+ (Owen Hart Promo)
68/C+ (King Ricochet Arrival)

El Generico vs. King Ricochet:
The hype surrounding this match ever since King Ricochet has been announced to appear against The Generic Luchador was exploding Social Media for two days, but finally we get to see the two high fliers in action.
The crowd was cheering for both athletes, but were definitely behind Stampede's own, El Generico, who used the energy provided by the fans to get an early chain of attacks, starting with a hurricanrana and ending in two consecutive Olé Kicks!
But those weren't enough to put down The Future of Flight, who appears to get momentum by his side ever since the kickout, returning the favor with some of his own signature moves - Backflip Kick, Rolling Thunder DDT and Chocolate Rain to pop the crowd up!
Generico was looking to get a quick break to get himself together on the outside, but maybe he forgot he's facing Mr. High Fly, because what followed was obviously expected by the Kentucky native, who performed a marvelously executed Cockscrew Moonsault to the outside! The crowd is loving the action they're seeing inside the ring, and you can't blame them.
The flashy moves don't stop as Ricochet climbs the apron and goes for a springboard moonsault to the outside but nobody's home, Generico got out of the way, and he's now bringing the pain back to Ricochet, hitting stiff punches and forearms to his cranium inside the ring, but Ricochet answers back with forearms of his own, they start switching blows, both visibly taken to their limits, until all of a sudden a storm of forearms ensues, they are at the peak in terms of their bodies, but they take it all out here, leaving nothing behind.
Ricochet gets the upper hand though, and he's able to hit his Benadryller!
He follows it up by climbing the ropes, and hits an unhuman 630º Senton! And that's all she wrote!
One! Two! Thre-

Generico kicks out! The crowd can't believe it!
And so does the NXT Superstar, he could've sworn he will return to Florida with a victory abroad, but Generico will not let Stampede down, he will not let Canada down!
Ricochet goes back up to the top rope, looking to finish the deal with a second 630º Senton, but this time Generico climbs the other side and hits a Spike Brainbustaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!, and adds a Brainbustaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! for good measure!
This is over, no one has kicked out from this combo since his debut!
One! Two! Three!
El Generico wins the clash of the high fliers!

Winner: El Generico (Brainbustaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!)
Rating: 57/C-

After the match, King Ricochet and El Generico show respect and sportsmanship to one another, and shake hands after their incredible bout.

Rating: 49/D+

No Holds Barred Match

Joey Janela vs. Tyson Dux:
Bad blood has been brewing between the two for weeks, and finally they have the chance to close it out with a No Holds Barred match. No Countouts, No DQ,
Anything goes in this one, and the two enemies take no time to start a war, when the bell rings, they both drop down the apron and look under the ring for a weapon.
This results in a synchronised image of them taking out a chair and return to the ring at the same exact time, to their respective corners.
It's not long before they charge at each other with the chairs and start slamming them at each other, absorbing each hit and continue trading chair shots to the body until both drop from the pain at the same moment, leaving them on the mat, motionless.
This will usually initiate a ten count, but Jimmy Korderas knows better, this is a No Holds Barred match, no count is necesarry, and after what seemed like a minute of the crowd clapping for them to get up to no avail, they finally get back to their feet, and pick it up right where they left off!
Chair shots gallore again, but this time Dux is able to get the upper hand, and hits a painful Power-Breaker!
It's not enough though, and Janela is in for a world of pain, because Tyson takes the chair he brought, only this time Joey is helpless, and lands vicious looking hits, he channels all of his anger into those, and after he's done he sets up the chair on the bottom turnbuckle, gets Joey up on his shoulders, oh god no, he's not doing what I think he is, right?
This man is trying to kill Joey Janela on an international stage!
But wait on for one moment, because Tyson is not done, what else is he gonna do?
The Muay Thai Kid sets up the Boston Crab to finish this match, but before he can fully lock it in, he's interrupted by...

Brent Banks?!
What does he have to do with this?
He runs in and proceeds to slam Tyson with the chair Joey brought in, is this an act of a vigilancy?
He keeps hitting Tyson with the chair, Jimmy has nothing to do with this interference, until Joey regains himself and rolls up Dux for a big win!

Winner: Joey Janela (Surprise Rollup)
Rating: 38/D-

After the match, Joey Janela takes to the mic and says 5 simple words:
Meet Flash (Points to himself)
And Banks! (Points to Banks)

Rating: 38/D-

Oje "Hearthrob" Hart is backstage, cutting a promo while smoking a Cigar:
Tonight will be the historic night that will begin the second run of The Hearthrob as North American Champ.
Joe Hendry and Ethan Page can't do a damn thing about it, because I am better than them in every single percivable way, I am Superman, but they're far from being Cryptonite.
Hendry wanted war, he's gonna get it.
Ethan sided with him, he's gonna get it.
In Stampede, there's one guy standing above the rest, and that guy is Oje "Hearthrob" Hart.

Memorize that name, because you're gonna be seeing me soon as the new, 2-time, North American Champion.
*He throws the cigar on the ground and stomps on it before we head back to the ring*

Rating: 52/D+
Additional Notes: Oje worked the crowd well by improvizing, neat!

Chakal vs. Sylvain Grenier:
Chakal and Grenier are two experienced veterans of the industry, and long time Stampede roster members, looking to put on a show to please the fans, and do so in quick, action-packed fashion.
They switch signature moves and big reversals with each other, seemingly unable to be put down for a 3 count, until Grenier pulls out his famous Vertical Suplex-DDT, "3 Seconds of Fame", and picks up a win against the struggling Chakal.

Winner: Sylvain Grenier (3 Seconds of Fame)
Rating: 37/D-
Additional Notes: Chakal and Grenier have shown great chemistry.

North American Tag Team Title Ladder Match

Gym Rats vs. The Mayhem Express vs. Hart Foundation 2.0©:
The first of two title matches here tonight, a triple threat tag team ladder match makes this an open chance for new champions to be crowned, and definitely puts the current ones at a disadvantage, since they don't need to even be involved with the finish.
The ring is set with 4 ladders leaned against all corners, seemingly waiting until one of the participants puts them into use, and that doesn't take long, because all four ladders are immediatley picked up by Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, William Brady and Scotty O'Shea, but even with one ladder more than the rest, Hart Foundation 2.0 can't hold off the attack which is being launched by Gym Rats and The Mayhem Express, who hold the rivalry between them for a moment to eliminate the champs from the match. This results in a great image where Hart and Evans have their backs against each other, both holding a ladder and surrounded by the four other opponents.
After getting disposed of the title holders, Gym Rats and The Mayhem Express can get down to business, as Ashley Sixx and William Brady topple Gym Rats with classic tag team wrestling, climaxing with a beautiful tag team manuever on Bruno where Sixx runs off the ropes, frog jumps over Brady, who pushes him even further up the air, and landing a devastating elbow drop, followed by Brady hitting a running senton on the Italian!
This looks to be over, with Sixx climbing a ladder to reach the titles, but O'Shea isn't gonna let that happen.
He pulls Ashley's leg down, lands a huge clothesline, and climbs the second turnbuckle to signal the crowd to start cheering, which gets abruptly cut by William Brady, who takes advantage of Scotty's position and hits an elevated Crucifix Powerbomb!
This leaves him all alone in the center of the ring, one ladder in position, and he starts climbing for the promise land, uninterrupt-

Peyton: Hold on one moment, some just jumped the railing, a crazed fan of the Hart Foundation 2.0 perhaps?
Owen: JIM?! *Owen is frozen in place*
Brady has yet to notice him, The Anvil is rocking the ladder! OH MY GOD!
And look who's back, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans.
Go ahead, climb the ladder, it must feel so good for you to win like this.
Teddy Hart and Jack climb the ladder, unhook the titles and celebrate with Jim Neidhart.
What a finish, the return of The Anvil has a sour taste without a doubt.

Winners: Hart Foundation 2.0 (Jack Evans Retrieved The Belts)
Rating: 45/D+

*Joe Hendry Entrance Using A New Theme*
"Joe Hendry Makes Things Better, His Wrestling Is Like Art, Joe Hendry Makes Things Better, For None Other Than Owen Hart!

Cause if you want some,
Come and get soooome,
If you want some,
Come and get-

Gonna takeover the world,
Japan, US and Wales
And Canada is up next,
So watch out Oje and Page (CANADA IS UP NEXT)
Cause baby I'm the star
Of the Heavyweight division
I'm gonna get rid of all the cigarettes
And get us back on television!

Cause if you want some,
Come and get soooome,
If you want some,
Come and get some
If you want some,
Come and get some
If you want some-

Let's have a great evening
At the first ever Best There Is (BEST THERE IS)
There's a new face of Stampede
And his name is Joe Hendry (JOE HENDRY)
We wrestle all day long
Putting smiles on families' faces
We wrestle all over Canada
Calgary....... And sometimes other places

Cause if you want some,
Come and get soooome,
If you want some,
Come and get some
If you want some,
Come and get some
If you want some-

Joe Hendry Makes Things Better, His Wrestling Is Like Art, Joe Hendry Makes Things Better, For None Other Than Owen Hart!"
*Cheers Emerge as Local Hero Enters The Arena*

Rating: 39/D- (TEW can't appreciate a man's hard work)

North American Heavyweight Title Match

Joe Hendry vs. Oje "Hearthrob" Hart vs. Ethan Page©:
There it is, the end of the first ever 'Best There Is', the first year of the trilogy that gives Bret "The Hitman" Hart the honor he deserves.
And what better main event than a triple threat for the North American Heavyweight Championship, the grand prize of Stampede Wrestling, with 3 of the top workers in the company, if not Canada - Joe Hendry, Oje "Hearthrob" Hart and the current champ, Ethan Page!
We start with a few taunts from all three participants, Joe Hendry gettign the biggest support from the crowd, followed by Oje and lastly Page, who can't get the crowd on his side.
This visibly angred him, and he starts punching and pummeling Joe Hendry, who doesn't let it become a beat down, resulting in the two brawling while Oje, perhaps wisely, watches from the side, letting them waste energy and power.
The Hearthrob doesn't stay out of the picture for long, and after Hendry hits a Hendry Slam to take Page out for a few moments, Hart checks in to take down the Local Hero of Stampede and starts stomping on the legs and feet of Hendry, a smart startegy that could prove lethal once he attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter, which doesn't take long because Hart wants to end this quickly!
He locks in the famous hold that made virtually every known wrestler to tap out ever since it was debuted, but this time Ethan Page runs in to force a break on the hold before Hendry ends his run as champ.
And as Page comes in, he and Oje start switching blows to the crowd's delight, booing both men with each strike and start cheering heavily once Hendry comes back in to hit a Freak of Nature on Oje Hart!
But the reigning champ won't let Hendry capitalize with a pin on the third man, who answers right back with his variation of the Fallaway Slam, known as the Shitonite *Patent Pending*.
This leaves the North American Heavyweight Champ all alone with two fallen comrades, he first picks up Hart and lifts him up for a Canadian Goldberg!
He then turns his attention to Hendry, hits his finishing move, the feared Spinning Dwayne! But instead of hooking the leg, he goes for another one, but this time he can't finish the move, because a spear with the outline of Oje Hart breaks him in half!
Oje has an opportiunity to end this!
He pushes Hendry out of the ring, drags Page to the middle of the Squared Circle, looks at the crowd with a crazed expression, and locks in THE SHARPSHOOTER!
Middle of the ring, Page has nowhere to go-

What an ending to Best There Is I!

Winner, And 2-TIME North American Heavyweight Champion: Oje "The Hearthrob" Hart! (Sharpshooter on Ethan Page)
Rating: 41/D-

*The Show's ending images are Oje celebrating with his regained belt*
Rating: 35/E+
Show Rating: 49/D+
Attendance: 1,519
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