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Originally Posted by Bigpapa42 View Post
A heel is a still a heel even with no split. It just means the fans don't expect you to adhere to standard face-heel matchups. You don't get penalized for heel-heel or face-face.

If the product doesn't call for face/heel, that's a bit different.
You realize I said "technically not a heel"? But anyways, that's irrelevant to the question that was asked. In companies without a face/heel divide, in order to be a successful figurehead the babyface performance skill is what matters (among other things, of course). As far as I'm aware.

Originally Posted by Gungner View Post
So what's up with the minimum requirement show grades that a broadcaster expects?
My event broadcaster expects a 77 (B) minimum... I hold my event, and it scores a 77 (B). So I made it, barely. But I still get the e-mail that they are unhappy...
That could probably be an issue with decimal places. If the broadcasters asks for a 77.0, and you score a 76.9 (which would also be displayed as a 77 rating), you failed the requirement.
If I were you, I'd negotiate for a lesser time slot so that your broadcaster's requirement drops a few points.
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